42 Hours is 2014 crime horror thriller film. This films stars Demi Moore, Georgie Henley and Danielle Panabaker


A single mother, Sabrina Havelock find her 19 years old daughter, Hayley is missing when she did not come home from school. A widow and her daughter's best friend, Elizabeth "Beth" Dawson found out somebody kidnapped her and she is still alive. Beth found Hayley is brainwashed by the killer and end up killing people then end up kidnapped, Now Sabrina and Beth will get Hayley out in 42 hours before they will lose her.



  • Demi Moore as Sabrina Havelock/A single mother who found out her daughter is kidnapped
  • Georgie Henley as Elizabeth "Beth" Dawson/Hayley's 17 years old best friend who help Sabrina when they found out Hayley is missing in Elizabeth's 17 years birthday
  • Danielle Panabaker as Hayley Havelock/Sabrina's 19 years old daughter who was kidnapped by the killer
  • Miles Fisher as Owen Barrow/Sabrina's 28 years old son and Hayley's half sister


Beth saw Hayley and the killer's friend is alive and kill people in the bar

  • Beth: You seen Hayley, my best friend.
  • John: No, fuck off.
  • Beth: Oi.
  • John: I said fuck off, piss off.
  • (Beth sit)
  • John: Hey, get off the fucking chair
  • Emily: What is going on here.
  • Beth: Your fucking bar, YOUR GODDAMN FUCKING BAR.
  • John: Yes.
  • Beth: What about Emily.
  • John: Oops.
  • Beth: Asshole.
  • Emily: Leave her alone.
  • John: Let her to fuck herself up.
  • (Beth saw Hayley with different haircut)
  • Beth: Hayley.
  • (Beth hide)
  • Beth: Come on, Sabrina.
  • (Phone ring)
  • Sabrina: Sabrina Havelock.
  • Beth: Elizabeth Dawson.
  • Sabrina: Beth.
  • Beth: I found her.
  • Sabrina: Who.
  • Beth: Hayley, last night, I saw her with the groups of gangster.
  • Sabrina: What, why you did not tell me this morning.
  • Beth: I think you think I made up.
  • Hayley: Hey, asshole.
  • Beth: She is on drug.
  • Sabrina: What.
  • Beth: Her hair is black, darky.


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