1. Krampus-The Shadows decide to leave there world and Wolf City for the christmas holidays and go far away to a ski resort to spend the holidays. Carter can't decide who he wants to be with and asks Dylan for advice. Vanillia and Cream search for Riley and the ailens. Brennan and Holden find something deadly in the forest behind the resort. Noah demands to know why Kenny is here and thinks he's following the Shadows.
  2. The Strike-Knowing that it's there fault for summoning Krampus Brennan, Holden and Dalton run away into the forest to kill him. Carter joins forces with Trey, Dylan and Jacob to resucue them without the other Shadows knowing. Dylan realises that he wants Carter back and wants him all to himself without anyone sharing him. Riley runs tests on Vanilla and Cream. Salmon and Tris are worried that the aliens have took Vanilla and Cream. Alexis and Alex try to figure out what Krampus wants from them.
  3. The Crypt-Krampus kidnapps Carter and Dylan and takes them to his lair in the forest. Following Salmon's instructions Tris comes to the Ski resort without telling the Shadows about Vanilla and Cream. Tristan decides to join the ski ompetetion and thinks he can outbeat the proffecinals. Alexis and Yosunny suspect that Kenny is the man in the dark after seeing him doing somethng suspicious.
  4. Life Support-The Shadows take Carter and Dylan to the special hosiptal for supernturals near the resort. Carter fears that Dylan is going to die and Noah comforts him. Suprised by Dylan's actions Jacob and Alex team up and head back to the resort to try to kill Krampus again. Brennan and Dalton confront Kenny to see if he knows anything. Salmon finds out where Vanilla and Cream are.
  5. Shimmering-The Shadows return home. Carter begins to see his old enmies and they try to kill him and hurt him. Dylan takes Carter through the swamp in a boat that he borrowed from Chad and tells him his feelings for him. New people began to watch the Shadows and they suspect that there working for Krampus. Vanilla, Cream and Salmon return to Wolf City and try to help them remeber what the ailens did to them. Riley watches the Shadows through Vanilla and Cream.

6.Hunted-Carter dosen’t know if he can trust his body guards are not. Carter, Dylan, Noah and Trey’s tormentr is back and he/she wants to know who killed Deveraux’s husband. A unexpected vistor visits Salmon. Holden comfrorts Brennan during his hard times. Braian and Heveraux return to Wolf City and Alex is afraid that there going to make him go back to there side.

7.The Descent-Alex tries to find out what Brian’s true intentions are with Carter and his vendetta against the Shadows. Salmon notcies Vanilla and Cream acting strange and Tris thinks Salmon is up to something. Jacob suspects that Carter knows who was behind his accident. After the attack on Jacob Carter, Dylan, Noah and Trey listen to there tormentor’s threats.

8.Silver Shadows-After breaking up with Jacob Carter feels alone. Tris dosen’t know what to do with his life without Salmon. Dylan and Noah try to work things out again. Trey returns to the world with a new quest. Krampus shows up in Wolf City to torment the Shadows for what they did to him. Carter suspects that Perry and Levi are working for Krampus.

9.Awakened-Now that Tris is a vampire he tries to control his thrist for blood and refelects on his warlock life and turns to Carter for help. Jacob talks to Dylan about Carter. Heveraux dosen’t trust Alex and starts following him. Trey and his klan have become stronger since they took down the Gargoyle house and want to take on more missions to become the strongest klan in Shadow History.

10.Battle Arena-Carter and Tris wake up in a world where they sent the Maze Monsters too and find themselves in a deadly situation. Riley returns to the Shadows and demands that they hand over Carter or else. The tormentor gets angry that Carter isn’t in Wolf City anymore and punshies Dylan, Noah and Trey. Brennan tries to convince Krampus to take him instead of Carter.

11.Marked-To protect the Shadows and everyone that they love Dylan, Noah and Trey return to there kingdoms and cut off contact with everyone. Refusing to do this Carter and Tris come up with a plan to expouse Carter’s tormentor. The ailens search for Carter. Holden begs Dalton to help him. Chad and Damon suspect that someone is trying to hurt Dylan, Noah and Trey.

12.Ailen Slumber Party-After the latest attack on Carter the Shadows head to a luxary cabin in the woods far away from there world and Wolf City. Carter starts acting strange and thinks is mark has something to do with it. Brian plans on killing Carter and Alex tries to find a way to tell Carter without Brian or Heveraux finding out that he’s on his way to see them.

13.Monster World-A month later and Carter is still in the monster world searching for Tris. Chad thinks he found the right spell to bring Alex back to life. Noah tries to help Dylan get back to his rightself. Trey and his klan find a lead on Carter and Tris’s werabouts. Heveraux construts his own plan on stopping the Shadows.

14.The Scryings-Heveraux realses the Scryings out of the Torment world and asks for there help with taking down the Shadows. Tris and Carter stay at Trey’s cabin while Trey and his klan search for Shelby.Tris tells Carter about his time with Volt, Kat, Casey, Earl and Drake. Dylan and Noah head on a road trip to Trey’s cabin, Noah dosen’t think Carter should see Dylan like this.

15.The Prison-Heveraux, Kenny, Shelby and Aaron hold Carter and Dylan hosatge in the Supernatural prison while they lure the Shadows to them. Volt plans his revenge on Tris and searches for him in the woods outside the prison. Trey and his klan follow Shelby’s tracks to the prison. Noah and Tris talk about Carter. Jamie tells Heveruax where to find his body at.

16.Ruby-The Shadows head to a high school nereby and search for the ruby that can bring anybody back to life. Jamie demands Hevraux to find the ruby. The Scryings try to fit in with there new lifes. Volt dosne’t like how he has to serve Jamie when he’s used to people serving him. Kat forces one of the Shadows to do something for her which ends with deadly concenquences.

17.Conjuration-Carter wakes up with someone he didn’t expect to be with. Brennan is worried that Carter is dead. Alex finds things around him werid and thinks something is wrong with him. Tris tries to escape the Scryings. Volt has a plan for when Jamie gets out and disscuses this with the other Shadows. LongShadow walks into Wolf City in search of the Ruby.

18.Stay Away-Carter tells the Shadows that they don’t need him in his life and leaves with Trey and Tris and his klan to a whole new life. Noah tries to prevent Dylan from using again. Joseph feels like he dosen’t know Trey anymore. Volt and Longshadow make a deadly move against the Shadows. Heveraux feels like he’s losing control over the Scryings.

19.Pompeii-Carter tries to find his way out of the portal and finds himelf in places in all over the world. Tris tries to lure Longshadow away from the other Shadows. Dylan searches for Carter in the world. Chad is afraid that he’ll lose the throne and asks Damien for help. Noah finnds himself in family drama as he’s brought into there latest mischeif.

20.The Dragons-Longshadow searches for the dragon statue while The Scryings use Heveraux’s power to make themselves stronger. Noah finds out where the other statue is and whose keeping it. Alex sacirfices himself to the Scryings to protect Carter. Carter talks to Volt about his bussines with him and Tris. Brennan and Dalton pay a visit to the werewolfs.

21.Don’t Close your Eyes-Jamie watches Alex while the Scryings try to lure the Shadows out of hiding. Chad forces the Shadows to stay in the world forever and make them live like they used too for there protection. Tris searches for the Scryings hiding place. Carter thinks about all the loves of his past life and hs current love and conjures a spell on accident. 22.Hell on Earth-Alex finds his way back to the Shadows and warns them about Tris’s sacirfice. Longshadow brings Jamie the ruby. Carter dosen’t want to lose anyone else and sets off on a mission on his own to kill the Scryings and Longshadow. Brennan finds something that he never thought he see again. The Scryings set there plan in motion and raise the dead

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