After the events of the last season the gang has all moved on from there old lifes and has been living on a island in the caribean away from the world while Chad, Joseph and Damon has been controlling Pike Gardens and the other two kingdoms. Soon the Shadows are attacked by a mysterious goup of boys and learn that there the five sons of the fallen angel Dimitri and the return of old enemies return to carry on there evil plan.


Carter (22 episodes)

Dylan (22 episodes)

Noah (22 episodes)

Trey (22 episodes)

Jacob (22 episodes)

Timmy (22 episodes)

Trent (22 episodes)

Will (22 episodes)

Alex (22 episodes)

Tristen (22 episodes)

Tris (22 episodes)

Alexis (22 episodes)

Yosunny (22 episodes)

Brennan (22 episodes)

Dalton (22 episodes)

Chad (22 episodes)

Joseph (20 episodes)

Damon (22 episodes)

Zack (19 episodes)

Sean ( 8 episodes)

Aussie (11 episodes)

Brett (19 episodes)

Jake (15 episodes)

Gabe (12 episodes)

Dimitri (18 episodes)

Lucas (18 episodes)

Liam (18 episodes)

Logan (18 episodes)

Ethan (18 episodes)

Mason (18 episodes)

Jace (11 episode)

Kenny (10 episodes)

Holden (18 episodes)

Aaron (7 episodes)

Han (5 episodes)

Shelby (6 episodes)


  1. The Fallen Angels-The Shadows have been living on a island for people like them in the carriebean while Chad, Joseph and Damon try to control all three kingdoms. Trey and Carter try to keep the secrects they share from the other Shadows. Dylan starts to get jealous of Carter and Trey and tries to show off with Noah who feels like he needs more power to survive. The Shadows are invited to a V.I.P. party at one of the houses on the island where they learn about the angels and the demons
  2. Rose-Trey takes Carter on an amazing date out in sea away from the drama on Dimitri Island. Alex focuses on his model career. Brennan and Dalton watch over Holden and make sure he's safe from Dimitri's kids. Lucas threatnes the Shadows to give them beack Holden or else they'll take drastic action. Dylan and Noah spend a crazy day together. Sean comes to Pike Gardens and asks them for help. Joseph goes on a date in Wolf City.
  3. The Bet-Brett dosen't think he can beat Lucas. Brennan tries to stop Lucas for gambling with Brett. The Shadows are all invited to a party in the casino to watch Brett and Brennan gamble over Holden's life and who gets to keep him. Carter feels himself longing for Dylan but tries to keep his feelings for him away. Trey thinks he's going to lose Carter and talks to Dylan. Tris goes with Sean to the Maze to help him destroy the skeleton men
  4. Aqua-Carter starts having visions of Dimitri and thinks he's trying to communicate with him. Brett tries to tell Brennan about what Lucas said but Brennan dosen't believe him. Holden tries to protect himself from Lucas and his brothers. Chad misses his daughter and wants to leave the world but can't decide who he wants to leave in charge of the three kingdoms while he's gone. Dylan and Noah have a date on the beach which leads to them discovering something.
  5. City of Beauty-Lucas takes Carter to the City of Beauty where he learns things about his family's history. Dylan dosen't think it's safe where Lucas took Carter and Mason demands Trey to convince him that it is or he'll kill him and Trey finds this hard. Alexis spends the day with Chad and shows him around the island. Alex and Gabe spend the night together. Noah shows Alex and Tristen the chest and asks them for help opening it.
  6. Chest of Ashes-Liam and Logan get worried when they realise that there chest full of treasure is gone. Carter dosen't know if he should tell Trey that he's half angel and half witch and turns to Dimitri for help when his power goes out of control. Dylan gets angry when he realises that Noah opened the chest without him. Noah, Alex and Tristan become possessed by the jewels in the chest. Brennan suspects that Brett kidnapped Holden.
  7. Fly to Paradice-Dimitri, Lucas, Logan, Liam, Ethan and Mason teach Carter how to be an angel and all the power he has. Dylan notcies Carter acting strange and asks Trey what's the matter with him and Trey tells Dylan his secrect. Noah dosen't know if he can trust Liam and Logan and they try to prove to him that he can. Holden hides in the jungle while Brennan and Dalton search for him.
  8. Hidden Underwater-Dimitri traps Carter and Dylan in the sea and they hide out on a island which causes romantic tension. Noah tries to steal the island away from Dimitri and his sons. Holden reveals what Dimitri wants to do to the Shadows. Alex and Gabe find the missing Goldstone underwater and dosen't know what to do with it. The Maze Monsters become lose and Tris and Sean do there best to protect the three kingdoms.
  9. Castaway-Carter and Dylan decide to stay on the abandon island and try to make life on it even though they miss there boyfriends. Trey and Noah search for there boyfriends. Dimitri decides to let the shadows stay on the island. Chad and Damien return to the world to help Sean and Tris and Jake stays to help the Shadows. Liam thinks one of the Shadows has the Goldstone. Alexis feels alone on the island now.
  10. Home-The Shadows return to there lifes in Wolf City and the world. Dylan, Carter, Noah and Trey have a complicated relationship with each other and the other Shadows behan to notice. Alexis helps Chad with putting the kingdoms back together. Gabe makes Alex a promise to make him a famos model which makes Alex happy. Holden finally feels safe in Wolf City. Damon hides the Goldstone somehwere in the world.
  11. You Can't Get Away From Us-Lucas, Logan, Liam, Mason and Ethan show up in Wolf City demanding the Goldstone or else there going to kill them. Dylan helps Carter figure out who his new stalker is. Damon make sures that the Goldstone is safe. Timmy, Jacob, Will and Delaney search for the angels weakness so they can leave them alone. Trey talks to Lucas to protect Carter and his friends from trying to hurt him.
  12. Party Over-The Shadows return to Dimitri Island with the Goldstone to get Carter but there not going down without a fight. Carter thinks of a way to get Dimitri, Lucas, Logan, Liam, Ethan and Mason back for what they did to him. Dimitri plans on killing the Shadows even if they do bring him the Goldstone but his kids don't agree.
  13. Elegance-Carter takes Trey, Dylan and Noah to the angel world to talk to them about there relationship with each other to figure ot there relationship with each other and what to do. The Shadows attend a football game in Wolf City. Damon watches over the Goldstone and all the other luxrious treausre and tries to figure out what to do with them and what they mean.
  14. The Storm-There's a huge storm in Wolf City and the Shadows all find comfort in each other. Kenny shows Noah something extrodnary. Dylan finds himself alone and heads to Carter and Trey's house to stay. Jacob thinks Noah has moved on a little to quickly. Trey feels like someone is watching the Shadows and tries to seek them out. Chad, Joseph, Damon and Tris plan future events for the three kingdoms.
  15. Ice Cream-Noah and Kenny go out for ice cream where he finds a famaliar face. Carter's stalker wants to meet Carter face to face and asks the Shadows for help with meeting him/her face. Carter misseds Dylan but dosen't think they should get back together and that they should see other people. Jacob asks Chad for advice with writting his new story on Wolf City.
  16. Lost Souls-Aaron appears to Carter and asks him for help but this time its diffrent beacuse Aaron is not alone this time. Trey suspects that people close to them are working for Jace. Dylan dosen't trust Kenny and watches over him and tries to tell his suspsions to Noah but he dosen't want to here it. Aussie shows Yosunny and Alexis a spell he found. Jacob gets popular wit the media over his story on Wolf City and the mayor wants to meet with him.
  17. The Darkside-Aaron brings Carter, Dylan, Trey and Aussie to the otherside to see Shelby and asks her for help with bringing him back to life but they also run into old enmies and trouble on the darkside too. Noah and Kenny go to the world to visit there friends and Jace follows them and comes up with a plan to destroy the Shadows. Alexis, Alex, Yosunny and Dalton go to see Cody.
  18. The Angel of Death-The Angel of Death sets up a plan for herself too carry her revenge on Jamie, become a human again and bring Carter's friends back to life. Carter is worried that she wont be able to bring Aaron or the others back to life. Jace talks to his dead friends and asks them advice on what they should do next with revenge. Jacob comforts Carter in Wolf City which leads to the residents thinking that they are daiting.
  19. Happy Birthday-The Shadows get together and they throw a susprise party for Carter. Trey gets jealous when Carter and Aaron get back together and Dylan is there for him. The Shadows go through the spellbooks anf find a spell that will prevent any enemy from ruining this party. Jace decides to break the veil and let all his dead friends out of the Darkside. Delaney and Brett voulnteer to kill Jace or any enemy if they show up.
  20. Deflection-Now that the Shadows are powerless they return to the world to protect themselves from Jace and the others. Dylan and Trey try to make Carte jealous. Carter dosen't think he wants to be with Aaron. Jacob gets irritated being back in the world beacuse he wreather be in Wolf City where he is popular and famous. Tris watches over the Shadows while Damon and joseph protect the portal.
  21. Whose Side Are You On?-Carter believes that Aaron is working for Jace and talks to Jacob abot it. Trey dosen't know what he is to Dylan and talks to him about it. Noah sneeks out of the world and visits Kenny whose been wondering where Noah has been at all this time. Chad talks to Han to see if they can kill Jace and the others for good. Tris uses his power to get the Shadows there power back.
  22. The Knife-Jace decides to get rid of the Shadows once and for all and starts to kill the people around them to bring attention to himself. Aaron wonders if Tris's experiment will and work and watces him to see the results of bringing people back to life. Aaron lures the Shadows that Jace isn't messing with to a house in the woods.
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