After the events of the last season Benson's rage has got worse as Amber and Jace teach him how to live and function like a human being. Chad and Damon struggle to keep the protection spell up on Maze Hills and Swanland. The gang lives in a city nereby the portal and Carter still hides his secrect from the others but that's one of the many secrects that the gang is keeping from each other and they realize that there not safe anywhere as old enemeys and friends from the past come to carry on there own torment and the gang realizes that they may have to return back to there world for help.


Carter (22 episodes)

Dylan (22 episodes)

Noah (22 episodes)

Trey (22 episodes)

Jacob (22 episodes)

Timmy (22 episodes)

Trent (22 episodes)

Will (22 episodes)

Alex (20 episodes)

Tristen (20 episodes)

Tris (21 episodes)

Alexis (20 episodes)

Yosunny (19 episodes)

Brennan (19 episodes)

Dalton (19 episodes)

Brett (10 episodes)


















  1. Vaction Over-Amber and Jace struggle to keep Benson in check while Chad and Damon struggle to keep the protection spell up on Maze Hills and Swanland. Noah can't get over his feelings for Carter. Dylan dose his best to protect Carter and be there for him whenever he needs him too. Carter tries to keep Aaron a secrect from the others. Trey and Joseph run into some trouble in New York City. Brennan and his body guard Delaney are attacked by skeleton men.
  2. Catch me If you Can-Timmy, Zack, Will and Jacob search for Hannily before she finds Timmy first. Carter goes to see Noah at his job. Dylan and Alexis go back to there world and find out what Chad and Damon has been up too. Benson and Jace's relationship is taken up a notch. Yosunny is worried that her parents won't come back. Joseph takes Trey to the very first person that he ever trained and asks him for a favor. Sean and the skeleton men try to break the protection spell.
  3. Face to Face-Noah and Carter check in a hotel nereby the portal and notice strange things happninng there. A old friend of Amber's comes to Pike Gardens to see her. Trey feels alone in New york City but Tris insits that they practice together. Alexis feels bad for what Chad and Damon went through. Dylan and Damon search for Sean. Timmy decides to let Delaney work for him which makes Brennan angry. Carter comes up up with a plan to kill Benson and everyone in Pike Gardens.
  4. The Real World-Now that Benson and Jace found the portal they explore the world and decide on what to do with there relationship until Brennan spotts them in the city. Noah watches over Carter and make sure he dosen't try to leave and Carter asks Noah to confess his feelings to him. Timmy questions Hannily at her cabin. Trey returns to the world with Tris and dose his best to help with the problems that are happning. Sean tells Dylan what he did to him.
  5. The Undead Army-Carter dosen't know what to do now that he found monsters and dead people underneath the hotel. Noah wants to know what he means to Carter and searches for him in the hotel and suspects that Ben took him. Jace and Benson tell Amber and Bree what happend to them outside this world. Tris tells Brennan about his inherteince and asks him why he dosen't have it now. Dylan returns to Maze Hills and asks the gang for help. Zack starts to get jealous over Delaney.
  6. Resident Evil-Noah takes care of the injured and sick Dylan and has memories of when he took care of him years ago and it overwhelms his feelings. Ben instructs his army on what to do when attacking Maze Hills. Brennan and Dalton fly to Sydney Austrilla to find where Jamie hid his inhertience. Carter is worried that Dylan is going to die and asks Aaron for help. Jace and Benson search for Brennan. Trey and Tris search for Sean and his gang of monsters.
  7. The Lava Room-Will and Jacob decide to take things to the next level. Jace and Benson decide to hurt Brennan's friends instead of him and go after Will and Jacob. Dalton returns alone and tells the gang where Brennan is. Dylan talks to Noah about what happend in the hotel room. Jake takes Carter to the lava room where he finds out about the hotel's history and who orginally built it. Tris and Trey don't know what to do with Sean and decide to torture him for hurting Dylan. Delaney suspects that Zack hurt him and tells Timmy.
  8. Alone-Alex decides that he dosen't want to be alone anymore and searches for someone to be with. Carter thinks it's best that Dylan and Noah should go somewhere far away from the city and tries to convince him to leave and let him stay at the hotel and take care of Jake and the others. Sean goes to Pike Gardens and asks them if he can join them. Trey and Tris tell Chad and the others what they made Sean do. Joseph and Trey talk. Timmy is convinced that Zack was the one that attacked Delaney. Jacob and Will set a plan to capture Jace and lure Benson to him.
  9. I Can't Do This-Dylan and Noah have a hard time being away from Carter but confinde in each other which leads to some romantic tension. Carter goes to the world to visit his friends only to find things worse. Bree kidnapps Alexis and Yosunny and convinces them to fight her and show her there magical powers. Tris puts video cameras and microphones around Amber's palace and watch over Sean. Delaney remebers what happend to him.
  10. Safe or Not?-The gang dosen't know weather to believe Amber or not and Tris, Trey and Joseph watch over the cameras. Carter returns to the world and finds Dylan and Noah who are afraid that Carter is going to find out what they did. Carter finds Jake and his friends missing and gets scared. Dalton goes to see Brennan at his cabin to see if he's okay. Amber and Bree watch over Sean very carefully to see if he's on there side or not. Alex and Alexis go on a date in the city.
  11. Visions of Death-Trey's visions get worse and he see's what's going to happen to them in the future. Carter learns that Ben is connected to Jamie and what he did to Trey's mom and finds out what happend that night. Noah starts to hear the voices in the hotel and follows them to the red door. Dylan is worried that Carter will hate him if he found out what him and Noah did. The gang all get together in the city and have a night out where they decide on what there going to do with there enmies.
  12. Up in Flames-Sean warns the gang what Bree and Ben plan on doing to them. Dylan finally tells Carter what he and Noah did. Trey and Tris find out something about them that changes things forever. Joseph challenges Ben and they fight to the death. Benson and Jace go after Brennan which dosen't end well. Noah leads Jake and the others to Maze Hills and Alex's father and his clan come to Maze Hills to help them.
  13. Vigrious-After months of morning Trey decides to come back to the world and take Joseph's place and asks his half brother Tris for help. Carter dose his best to be there for Trey and visits Joseph's memorial and discovers something wrong. Jace and Benson search for a way to leave Hell but find it hard when they run into Ben and Jamie. Brennan and Alex and his klan find a new lead on there investigation on Brennan's inhertience and they sail to Africa. Dalton finds it hard not to be with Brennan and descends on a new life.
  14. Ghosts-Dalton meets someone new in Wolf City and goes out with her. Noah asks Carter to go with him to meet his parents. Dylan dose his best to control the Maze and it's power. Brennan and Alex watch over Brett to see if he's loyal or not. Will and Jacob are afraid that Jace and Benson will escape and ask Elizabeth for help. Amber sends Donold and Bree to look for Jace and Benson in the USA. Trey and TRis talk about there Mom for the first time.
  15. The Evil Eye-Brett tells Brennan and Alex what Jasmine and Dee are after and learn that there friends with Amber. Trey dosne't think he can move on with his life withot Joseph being here with him. Noah and Noel go out and Noel tells Noah some family secrects. Trent thinks Meg is working with Amber and tells Timmy and Delaney. Carter learns about a special power from Tris. Dylan comes back to Maze Hills and shows them his new power.
  16. Did You Miss Me?-Trey goes to Joseph's memorial and finds a familar face there. Brennan and Alex return to Maze Hills with valiable information. Noah tries to fit in with his family but realizes that he is diffrent then them. Carter tries to steal the Evil Eye from Brett and learns its deadly power. Dalton watches over Meg and has Trent follow her. Timmy finds Zack being reckless in Wolf City. Tristan runs into trouble with Jasmine and Dee.
  17. Augmentation-Joseph explains what Augmentation is and the side effects. Trey watches over Joseph to make sure everything is all right with him. Amber and Bree visit Maze Hills to see Joseph and the residents of Maze Hills dose there best to toloerate them. Dylan shows Carter what The Maze dose too people and what he pans on doing with this power and asks Carter if he wants to be part of The Maze's power or not. Noah returns to the world.
  18. Immortals-Noah returns to his family after learning that his father is really sick and could die. Trey dosen't know if he can trust Joseph or not and talks to Tris about it. Chad thinks it was a bad idea that Dylan gave a chunck of his power to Carter. Brennan, Alex and Brett search for Jasmine and Dee to destroy them. Alexis thinks her and Alex can't be together anymore and talks to Yosunny for advice. Carter goes back to his life in Wolf City
  19. Rude Awakening-Amber and Bree manage to get Benson and Jace out of Hell and they struggle to cope with society. Dylan decides to work in Wolf City and asks Noah and Carter for help. Trey leaves the world and heads to Wolf City to start his new life without Joseph. Alex and Alexis go out to a party in Wolf City. Jasmine and Dee explain to Brennan and Brett what there after. Joseph dosen't know if he can live without Trey.
  20. The Mission-Jace and Benson search for Will and Jacob to seek reveange. Joseph goes to see Trey in Wolf City and things don't end well. Carter hangs out with Trey to make sure things are allright. Noah helps Dylan with his job. Brennan and Brett are confused on what to do with Brennan's inheritence and what to to get it back. Chad and Damon think things will go back to normal and tells the gang that they should go live there lifes.
  21. Side Effects-Carter dosen't know what to do since he and Trey kissed and thinks it's best to tell Dylan and Noah but worried how they will react to the situation. Dylan feels the need to get more power to protect him from Amber and her minions. Noah thinks the Maze is giving Dylan bad side effects and talks to Carter about what they should do. Brennan and Brett visit Pike Gardens and talks to Amberface to face.
  22. The Final Dance-Brennan and Brett track down Amber and her henchmen and follow them there and face off in a deadly showdown. Benson kidnapps Carter and Trey and uses them as bait to lure Will and Jacob to them. Noah tries to save Dylan from using to much of his power. The gang and Amber and her minions all meet up and fight each other to the death.
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