Seventeen years ago three magical witches(Jamie, Elizabeth and Chad) were left to take care of a hidden world made by Cole the powerful slayer. The three witches went there seperate ways in the world and built there own palaces and kingdoms with the help of the people they brought into this world. In present day Carter is on the run from ninjas that were sent from the capital of there world. Carter is found by the security guards of Maze Hills and is brought there for protection from the threats of Pike Gardens and the people in charge there. Maze Hills is ruled by Chad the kindest one out of all of them but his power is to much for him and e has deadly side effects. There's the the most powerful kids in Maze Hills and they are Dylan the bad boy who will never forget what Jamie did to him, Trey the warrior who wants to kill Jamie for what he did to his friends, Alex the playboy of Maze Hills who is intrested in anyone regardless if you are a boy or a girl, Tristen who is haunted by his past and tries to keep his secrets hidden, Alexis who is Chad's daughter lives in a fantasy world and will thrive to get her away and will stop anyone who gets in her way, Yosunny the beautful girl and golden girl of Maze Hills she is one of Aphrodite's daughters who will do anything to be with her Mom and Dad again, Brennan the ruthless and heartless boy there who searches for the person that killed his parents three years ago and Dalton Brennan's sidekick who hides his idenity from everyone at Maze Hills. There's top security guard Joseph who is drawn to Carter and will protect Maze Hills at all costs and last there's Noah who is plaged by memories of the boy that he helped. Carter is drawn to the secrects lurking inside and outside of Maze Hills and is drawn to the other kingdom Swan land where the ruthless leader Elizabeth rules and tries to keep her kingdom safe from Pike Gardens. In Swanland there's buissness man Damon who investigates Maze Hills and Pike Gardens, Timmy the secrity guard who is in ove with his partner and his girlfriend, Jacob the reporter of the world who goes to each kingdom reporting the recent news on each kingdom, Zack (Timmy's partner) on the security force who is a escort to he other kingdoms, Trent who lost himslef after his girlfriend died by one of the creatures lurking in the woods, Will the medical examier who is tierd of beng ruled by Jamie. In Pike Gardens there's the evil and ruthless leader Jamie who will stop at nothing to get what he wnts.



Carter (22 episodes)

Dylan (22 episodes)

Noah (22 episodes)

Trey (22 episodes)

Jacob (22 episodes)

Timmy (22 episodes)

Trent (22 episodes)

Will (22 episodes)

Alex (20 episodes)

Tristen (20 episodes)

Alexis (18 episodes)

Yosunny (19 episodes)

Chad (22 episodes)

Joseph (19 episodes)

Zack (20 episodes)

Brennan (21 episodes)

Dalton (21 episodes)

Damon (22 episodes)

Sean (6 episodes)

Cole (8 episodes)

Jamie (13 episodes)

Amber (17 episodes)

Jace (17 episodes)

James (17 episodes)

Aussie (14 episodes)

Aarron (6 episodes)

Shelby (3 episodes)

Donold (14 episodes)

Chris (10 episodes)


  1. Pilot-Carter is on the run from the ninjas that were sent to kill him. Carter finds Maze Hills one of the three kingdoms in there world. There Carter is drawn to the people there and the secrects lurking in the inside and outside of Maze Hills. Noah uses magic to search for the boy that he helped three months ago. Jamie iniates his plan on destroying Maze Hills and Swan land. Jacob searches for the missing kids from Pike Gardens.
  2. The Map of Moments-When Shelby's body disappears the teenagers of Maze Hills question each other as to who killed her and everyone reveals why they were brought to Maze Hills. Chad assigns Trey to Joseph to be his master. Jamie grows angry when Donold and Chris return back to Pike Gardens without Carter's head. Dylan dosen't know if he should tell the truth about the tunnels underneath Maze Hills and Noah starts to have visons of Carter and his power.
  3. The Game-A new girl moves too Maze Hills to take Shelby's place and her and Damon have a past and he tries to leave Maze Hills. Jamie decides to have Shelby's funeral at Pike Gardens and invites the whole world to come say goodbye. Chris starts to have dreams about Noah and wonder if there true or not. Dylan wonders if he can trust Chris with his secrect or not. Carter sneaks to Pike Gardens to see his informant.
  4. Dimensions-Jamie convinces Jace to bring Carter back to Pike Gardens. Chris questions Noah about the dreams he's been having and asks him if there real or not. Amber see's her equal in Brennan and Dalton to work for her. Brennan tries to win most powerful at Maze Hills and challanges Carter to a face off. Damon and Joseph began to notice someting wrrong with Chad. Jacob and Will come to Maze Hills to bring Damon back to Swanland. Timmy questions Zack about what he's been doing in Maze Hills.
  5. Flashbacks-Brennan begins having flashbacks of what happend that night his parents were killed and how he turned into such a mean person. In order to find out Amber's true intentions Chad and Damon throw a party to find out her true motives and send the teenagers to a party in Swanland thrown by Zack. Zack shows Timmy his wild side. Trent and Will investigate the part of the woods where Cheryl was killed at. Jamie begins to lose himself. Carter convinces Jace to meet him but he is reluctant.
  6. The Maze-Carter's friends search for Carter who is trapped in a maze somewhere in the woods. Noah stays close to Dylan while searching for Carter and talks about his feelings for him and what Dylan feels in return. Chad and Damon search for the missing Amber while Joseph trains Trey extra hard. Zack and Timmy try to stop Donold and Destiny. Trent and Will are attacked by the Maze monsters. Jamie talks to James about Jace and James shows Jace who he's really supposed to be and Amber explains to Carter why she's trapped about him.
  7. New Kingdom-Damon brings Jacob, Will, Timmy and Zack to Maze Hills for there protection. Jacob explains to Will what happend to him in Pike Gardens and why he acts the way he dose. Carter goes with Brennan and Dalton and they explain to him what Amber is up to and why. Trey and Joseph hunt for Amber. Dylan is worried about Carter and confines in Noah. Yosunny sneaks to Pike Gardens and asks Alexis to go with her. Jace searches for Carter so he can take him back to Pike Gardens. Chad asks Tristen and Alex for help agaon.
  8. Hello Father-Brian (Alex's father) comes to Maze Hills with a proporsition for Alex. Carter and Dylan finally find time and go on a date in the city. Elizabeth invites Chad, Joseph and Damon to her palace upon finding information on Shelby. Chad finds out what he's been seeing in his black outs. Brennan and Dalton struggle with living in the woods and run into some trouble. Yosunny tries to contact her mom. Jacob tries toprove that he's worthy to Joseph.
  9. Missing-Chad tries to stop his visons but it only makes it worse. Yosunny and Alexis search for the protal to the U.S.A. Jace and James brings Jamie the stuff he needs for his new project on destroying the other two kingdoms. Chris, Dylan and Noah search for the missing Brennan and Dalton. Joseph trains Trey one last time before Trey starts on his first mission for Maze Hills. Elizabeth makes Timmy return to Swanland to search for Hannily who has went missing.
  10. He's Here!- Jamie comes to Maze Hills to visit with Chad and everyone is scared that he is up to something. Noah is afraid that Dylan will find out about his and Carter's kiss. Damon finds out where Amber is at. Carter plans on killing Jamie since he's staying at Maze Hills. Dylan stays with Brennan and Dalton and watches over them. Joseph and Trey go to Pike Gardens to find stuff about Shelby and Jamie. Chad worries about Yosunny and Alexis. Timmy thinks Jamie killed Hannily and hid the body in Pike Gardens.
  11. Believe In Me-Carter is mad at Dylan for not letting him kill Jamie and avoids him. Damon dose his best to convince Amber that he's on her side. Noah talks to Carter about there friendship. Alexis and Yosunny return back to the world and tell everyone at Maze Hills how U.S.A was. Joseph and Trey talk about there friendship and what they found in Jamie's palace. Carter finds something startling about himself. Timmy asks Will, Trent and Jacob if they will help him kill Jamie.
  12. Eclipse-Jamie invites everyone in Maze Hills and Swanland to come to Pike Gardens to watch the Eclipse. Chad and Elizabeth plan on taking Jamie down while the teens of Maze Hills and Swanland plan on breaking into Jamie's palace and killing him once and for all.
  13. Apopoylace Monster-The world is under attack by the Apoplyace Monster that Jamie made to destroy them. Cole leads Carter, Dylan, Noah, Trey, Jacob and Brennan to the temple he built in the woods to protect them. Chad searches for his mssing kids. Amber takes Jamie's place and asks Damon to rule with her. Timmy, Trent and Will try to escape the Maze monsters.
  14. The Fort-Carter, Dylan, Noah, Trey and Brennan build a fort for them to stay at and they ask Carter wat he did when he was in this situation. Trey worries about Joseph and they all try to comfort him. Chad stays at Pike Gardens with Damon to see what Amber plans to do now that she took Jamie's place. Dalton, Timmy, Trent and Will try to follow Brennan's instructons in the cave. Yosunny, Alex and Tristen return to Maze Hills to search for there missing friends.
  15. Save Them- Now that they figure out what the map dose Carter, Dylan and Noah travel to Swanland to save Elizabeth while Trey and Brennan go to Maze Hills to search for Chad. Chad has visions of Alexis and Joseph and believes that they are dead. Damon asks Amber what she's really up too and what she did to his friends. Dalton, Timmy, Trent and Will search for the Apopylace Monster to kill it. Elizabeth tries to control her kingdom and has a festival.
  16. A New Land-They all return to the diamond palace only to find Cole and Chad there where they discover that Sean is still alive and they head to where he's been hidding at. Donold searches for Carter to avenge Jamie's death. Timmy tries to save Zack from what the Apopylace Monster did to him. Damon tries to leave Pike Gardens but Amber wont let him.
  17. Dangerous Complex-Carter, Dylan, Noah, Trey and Brennan try to escape the horrors at Sean's complex and search for him in the process. Chad and Elizabeth search for Donold. Yosunny, Alex and Tristen kidnapp Damon and bring him back to Maze Hills where they explain what they've been doing. Timmy is afraid that Zack will die. James looks for away to bring Jamie back to life. Amber tries to control her anger with Jamie's servents. Jake convinces Brennan that Trey killed his parents.
  18. There's No Way Out-Sean explains to Carter, Dylan, Noah, Trey and Brennan what he's been doing here and they try to escape the monsters and look for Cole. Chad and Elizabeth run into danger outside of Sean's dangerous complex. Amber uses her power to search for the Apoply ace monster. Damon, Yosunny, Alex and Tristen breaks into Pike Gardens to save Dalton, Timmy, Zack, Will and Jacob from Amber.
  19. New Plan-Now that the gang is back together they head to Sean's mansion on the hills where they find out why the monster as been tracking them and they travel to a diffrent part of the world. Amber tries to track down the gang with her magic. Donold, James and Jace follow the gang and see what there up too. Chad becomes really sick. Trey comforts Joseph and tells him his true feelings for him and what they must do with there relationsip.
  20. The Fall-Now that the truth is out the gang don't know if they should trust Sean or not and gather all the stuff they need to destroy the monster. Chad worries that he's going to die and Elizabeth and Damon comfort him. Joseph worries about Trey after the promise he made hm and dosen't know if he should tell the others are not. Amber comfronts the monster. Brennan tries to save Dalton from the maze monsters.
  21. Greif and Misery-The Maze Hills residents memoralize Carter and try to get there city back together while Amber and her hench men celeberate Carter's death with champange and a party. Alex and Tristan watch over Dylan as he grieves over Carter. Noah searches for a way to bring Carter back to life. Trey and Joseph search for the missing Sean and work on there relationship. Timmy, Zack, Will and Jacob help Elizabeth get the residents of Swanland back in check.
  22. Benson-Carter awakes in Pike Gardens and can't get over what happend to him. Amber and Donold use there new project on the Maze Hills residents. Knowing that Carter is alive Dylan sets up a plan on capturng him and leaving the world with him and asks all his friends to go with him or stay here and be ruled by Amber and her henchmen.
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