30 Weeks of Night is the remake of the 2007 film 30 Days of Night, The film is directed and written by Stanley Kubrick.

The film is going to be released on November 12, 2013.

The Film starts Trevor Donovan, Naomi Watts, Alan Ritchson, James Gaisford, Jeremy Irvine, Dale Dye.

Christy Romano, Chris Lowell, Douglas Booth, Laura James, Blair Redford, Brian Hallisay and Park Chanyeol.


The Film opens with a young man named Axel (Blair Redford) walking on a road on Alaska.

Then a cannibal jumps on him and bits off his arms and Axel escapes from the cannibal.

Meanwhile, A Young Detective named Trent (Trevor Donovan) gets a call from a man named Red (Douglas Booth).

Red tells Trent that many peoples where killed by an cannibal on their city.

This makes Trent think to investigate about it and tells his workers that they will fly to the Alaska.

Trent's wife Bree (Naomi Watts) what they will do on Alaska and why they need to fly and go there.

Trent says Bree that he will explain after they go on Alaska, Bree leaves.

Uncle Ben came (Dale Dye) and asks what was happening and why Trent is so pressured.

They Travel and came to Alaska and met with Red, Sky (Park Chanyeol) and Tom (Brian Hallisay).

Trent and Red talk about the murders, Irine (Christy Romano) and Bree travels and walks.

Trevor (Jeremy Irvine), Uncle Ben and Trent met a mysterious man named Colby (Alan Ritchson).

The Girls also met a girl named Megan (Laura James), Irine suspects that Megan has an bad intension.

Colby and Megan leaves and Irine tells Trent and the others that she felt bad on Colby and Megan.

Later that night, a storm was occurred and someone knock on their door.

It was Colby and Megan who was freezing to death with their friends Frank (Chris Lowell) and Jim (James Gaisford).

Colby asks Trent if they can sleep on their cabin until the storm stop.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Axel came on Red and stay on Red's house.

Bree and Irine talks about Megan and Colby where Trent came and Bree asks Trent why they where in Alaska.

Trent explains everything to Bree and Irine and Irine thinks that Colby and his friends where the cannibals.

Meanwhile, Axel turned into a cannibal and jumps on Sky and devours him, Tom witness it.

Tom runs and Axel jumps off and devours him, Axel bring Sky and Tom's corpses with him.

Irine goes out and took a glimpse on what is happening to Megan, Colby and their friends.

Irine saw Megan's mouth bleeding off, Irine was shocked and chases to go inside.

Irine tells Trent to invite Colby and his friends for dinner, Trent goes upstairs.

Meanwhile, Red wakes up and founds blood on the floor and is attacked by Axel.


  • Trevor Donovan as Trent DeBlois
  • Naomi Watts as Bree DeBlois
  • Alan Ritchson as Colby
  • James Gaisford as Jim
  • Jeremy Irvine as Trevor McGee
  • Dale Dye as Uncle Ben
  • Christy Romano as Irine
  • Chris Lowell as Frank
  • Douglas Booth as Red
  • Laura James as Megan
  • Blair Redford as Axel
  • Brian Hallisay as Tom
  • Park Chanyeol as Michael
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