30 Minutes or less is a 2011 American comedy film starring Daniel Radcliffe, Jack Black, Casper Van Dien, T.J. Miller, and Michael Mando.


A pizza delivery guy (Daniel Radcliffe) is captured by two criminals (Jack Black and T.J. Miller) and they attach a bomb to his chest. He's got 30 minutes to survive and gets help from his best-friend (Casper Van Dien) but they run into a Chicago Mafia hitmen (Michael Mando).


The film starts with Nick (Daniel Radcliffe) having a conversation with his best-friend Chet (Casper Van Dien) but he finds out that Nick made out with Chet's sister Kate (Mila Kunis). They get into an argument but Nick agrees not to date Kate because Chet forbids it.

Meanwhile, Dwayne King (Jack Black) and his best-friend Travis Cord (T.J. Miller) are juvenile adults living with Dwayne's greedy and abusive rich father the Major (R. Lee Ermey), who won a lottery last year but refuses to share the money with Dwayne.

Dwayne and Travis plan on stealing money but can't do it alone. They watch a pizza hut commercial saying they deliver faster in 30 minutes. They call the place and ask them to deliver it. Nick goes there and makes it on time. Dwayne and Travis wear disguises to avoid getting arrested. When Nick delivers it, Travis knocks Nick out.

The next morning, they attach a bomb to Nick and will detonate it in 30 minutes. Dwayne gives an example by blowing up a hostage (Steve Coogan). They decide to let Nick get someone to help him rob a bank but he can't go to the cops or they will detonate it.

At a school, Nick tells Chet about the bomb and shows it to him, so Chet agrees to help. They rob a bank but it goes wrong when the manager (David Koechner) is killed and the alarm is tricked. A cop (Anthony Anderson) tries to arrest them but Nick shows him the bomb and the cop runs away scared.

Dwayne and Travis now orders them to hire Chicago Mafia hitman Chango (Michael Mando) to kill the Major. Nick goes to Pizza Hut and quits. He also says final words to Kate. Nick and Chet hire Chango but he is very dangerous and mentally unstable.

At night, Chango tries to kill the Major but gets shot in the neck by a pen gun. However, he grabs a shot gun and shoots the Major, killing him. Dwayne and Travis kidnap Kate to lure Nick to their hideout and Chet sends Nick to save her.

At the hideout, Nick gives them the money and they release Kate. They disable the bomb and let him go free but are encountered by Chango, who wants to kill them, he also informs them that the Major is dead. Travis burns him to death with a flamethrower but Chango shoots the fuel tank, making an explosion. Chet steals Travis' truck and rescues them. Dwayne drives after them but his truck explodes. They all spend the money on a new restaurant.

After the end credits, Dwayne survived but redeems himself by leaving the heroes alone and has a business with Travis. They own a Tanning Salon and gets more money then ever.

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