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The 2nd revision of the XNDUIW community implements cybercrime countermeasures and more measures to protect private and sensitive information. It was proposed on July 19th, 2020, immediately after PsychoticMute realized that she was about to get doxxed. It came into effect on August 8th, 2020.


An official image of the DM.

ZenUsha questioned Akaiyogore about what happened on July 18th, 2020, when he noticed PsychoticMute was staying up longer than normal, which brought in the fact that she was panicking that she was going to get doxxed. Immediately after the incident, a meeting was conducted, that discussed about legal repercussions of that report.

The prior investigation revealed that CBE_Simon, (17), was older than PsychoticMute and she officially unfriended him after this incident, which prompted ZenUsha to order male curators to review his towers. The doxxing wasn't considered malicious by any means, but was still extremely damaging. Akaiyogore said that CBE_Simon shouldn't dox someone younger than him when he was questioned, as he missed the initial interview.

Afterwards, Columbux was chosen as the person to take a peek at CBE_Simon's towers, but use of PsychoticMute's avatar persisted for much longer.

Meetings and interviews

Meetings and interviews were conducted on July 19th, and July 28th, respectively to regard the consequences of cybercrime, the impacts that the doxxing had affected PsychoticMute and the legal repercussions if her location actually got compromised.

ZenUsha questioned Akaiyogore after the July 19th meeting about what happened when the doxxing happened, and what happened afterwards since he had been late for both meetings. CBE_Simon asked if he can have PsychoticMute in the meetings, though ZenUsha rejected that decision.

Anti-Doxxing and cybercrime prevention measures

After ZenUsha felt concerned that her identity was at risk, he locked the data down, and began teaching CBE_Simon about online safety and cybercrime laws.

Once ZenUsha locked the data down, he chose to only give PsychoticMute the key to her data, while CBE_Simon received the key to his own data, which prohibited both parties from sharing or leaking personal information, and passed over a span of a few days, Resolution 15 and 30a were approved by XNDUIW administrators on July 31st, 2020.

  • In Resolution 15-20, Article 3, People who are experiencing mental health issues are now advised to report it to an admin member of the XNDUIW community
  • In Resolution 30a-20, Article 2, measures to protect potentially identifiable information were strengthened.
    • ZenUsha granted the right to administrators to excommunicate someone who is stalking another person within the XNDUIW community, with repeated offenses resulting in a ban.
    • Administrators now had the right to permanently lock sensitive information, with encryption efforts already working.
  • In Resolution 30a-20, Article 3, security on the XNDUIW community was heightened, with staff, including CBE_Simon being taught about cybercrime, and it's consequences.
  • In Resolution 30b-20, Article 1a, any form of stuff that would creep out a female user is now restricted to people over the age of 18, and thus is now bannable.
    • Sauragon considered it a crime, and said that people who do it should be banned.

ZenUsha temporarily excommunicated PsychoticMute over concerns of doxxing attempts, but that was lifted after personal information about her were locked.


There were many things that impacted the XNDUIW community.

CBE_Simon's public image

The effects of the incident had ended up tarnishing CBE_Simon's reputation, though he was apologetic and felt guilt after she nearly got doxxed.

Ganaupinha threatened to cut ties with CBE_Simon once he realized the incident had happened, and he couldn't submit his 63rd tower, which prompted ZenUsha to take action.

  • Ganaupinha asked for CBE_Simon to seek therapy, though Sebek2090 did a good job in helping him in this manner.
    • ZenUsha chose to hold off of therapy within a clinic, but said that he would use it only as a last resort, and focus on rehabilitation instead of severe punishment.
    • XNDUIW Staff members and people from the JToH community were sympathetic to CBE_Simon.
  • Effective rehabilitation measures had included:
    • Education on civil and criminal law, including cybercrime laws and the consequences of doxxing.
    • Having CBE_Simon hang out with larger groups of friends.

CBE_Simon's approval rating plummeted in the case of the JToH admins, but rose significantly in the XNDUIW community, ZenUsha remarked that "CBE_Simon was a good staff member who simply made a mistake", and said that he didn't need that ban.

The rehabilitation process took several weeks, but it was worth it to regain trust.

Ban from submitting towers

CBE_Simon was unable to submit towers, but BosscraftdanGamer protested against the ban, declaring it biased, and that the community would lose out on "2 good builders", and prompted ZenUsha to openly condemn the ban, since CBE_Simon's towers would give the XNDUIW community it's revenue.

The downvotes were from all the administrators from the JToH community, but most of the community protested against the ban and demanded it repealed.

Guilt and eventual forgiveness

For the first 2 weeks after the incident, contact was completely blocked, and PsychoticMute blocked CBE_Simon on ROBLOX, though gradually increasing contact was essential for CBE_Simon to stop creeping her out, which CBE_Simon admitted and said that he forgiven her in his August 1st livestream on Arsenal.

After August 1st, PsychoticMute got her first contact with him for a long time, by telling him to remove her avatar from his game, which CBE_Simon complied, with feelings of grief in his face, however, indqx said that she doesn't want to talk to him anymore.

In the end, CBE_Simon willingly apologized. In September 2nd, 2020, PsychoticMute was succeeded by Zomkillar.

Publication of documents

On August 2nd, 2020, CBE_Simon wrote a letter, though ZenUsha had decided to hold the letter until a later time, when other documents become available.


After it was confirmed that PsychoticMute didn't want to talk to CBE anymore on August 5th, 2020, ZenUsha followed the course of succession, by asking CBE to look up a female friend from his list, and he picked Felicorn, whom subsequently succeeded PsychoticMute in her position in her roles in the XNDUIW community,

Columbux also took over PsychoticMute's position to check CBE's work in the same line of succession, when CBE was considering post-secondary education, as well as vendetta06 becoming CBE_Simon's most trusted curator.

CBE_Simon has lost a lot of well-known friends after this incident took place.


Ratification of the 2nd revision began on August 2nd, 2020, though the admins of XNDUIW were able to ratify it early

  1. Columbux, July 18th, 2020
  2. Le_MemerYT, July 18th, 2020
  3. Tmasterxtreme, July 18th, 2020
  4. ZenUsha - August 2nd, 2020
  5. CBE_Simon, August 2nd, 2020
  6. ProxyNikolay, August 3rd, 2020
  7. indqx, August 6th, 2020
  8. Zekarlah, August 6th, 2020