2 Frenemies vs Detention is the fifteenth episode and the final episode of the first season of The Phoenix Defenders.


Mallory and Devanie have a hard time controlling their one and off rivalry which causes them to get detention. While serving detention, they must work together to escape from the clutches of Mad Mod himself.


Devanie Black:(sarcastically)Whoot. I'm so excited, I can't contain myself.

Mrs. Gerl: , you will be paired up with and .

Oh goody!

Oh goody!

Mrs. Gerl: Bubbles, you will be paired up with Blossom and Buttercup.

Bubbles: Yay!

Blossom and Buttercup:Alright! (high five each other)

Devanie Black: Is it just me or has the intelligence suddenly dropped in this classroom?

Mrs.Gerl:Vanessa, you will be signed up with Billy, Mandy, and Grim!

Yay! I'm gonna work with Devanie!I'm gonna work with Devanie! (Grim joins in Billy)

Grim and Billy:We're gonna work with Devanie! We're gonna-

Mandy suddenly punched the both of them in the face.

Mandy:SHUT UP!

Devanie Black:(mentally)Looks like i'm stuck with the devil.

Mandy:(mentally)Looks like i'm stuck with the devil.

Devanie and Mandy:(mentally)Excellent.


Devanie Black:My book has a tear! What?

Everyone fell down from their seats after hearing her response.

A light bulb appeared on top of Mallory's head. Devanie turned the switch off but Mallory turned it back on, then Devanie turned it off again, Mallory turned it on again, Devanie turned it off, Mallory turned it on, Devanie turned it off, Mallory turned it on, Devanie turned it off,, Mallory turned it on and Devanie turned it off. Devanie then gets slapped in the face and Mallory turned the light on again. Devanie gets angry and lunges toward Mallory. She then falls on top of her and starts beating her up. Mallory kicks Devanie off of her and gets up but as soon as Mallory manages to stand, Devanie punched Mallory in the face, causing her to spin around and delivers a roundhouse kick on Vanessa's nose.

So, where are we going?


Mallory Black:What! It was all Devanie's fault!

Devanie Black:Don't flatter yourself.

Devanie Black:She doesn't deserve to be trusted. She's a goth.

May i ask why can't you get along with her.

Mallory Black:She doesn't deserve to be trusted. She's an emo.

Since you cannot fully resolve your problems with one another, you both will serve a day in detention starting tomorrow and... (looked at Devanie and narrowed his eye) you will be there.

Billy:What did you do at the principal's office?

Devanie slapped her forehead in frustration.

Devanie Black:Good god!

What is the meaning of Astronomy?

Devanie Black:(flatly)The study of space.

How far is Earth from the sun?

Mallory Black:(excitedly)93,000,000 miles.

What is a protostar made of?

Devanie Black:A protostar is mostly made out of hydrogen.

Very good Devanie.How old is the sun?

Mallory Black:4.603 billion years old.

Excellent Mallory. What is Apparent Magnitude?

Devanie Black:Apparent Magnitude is how bright a star looks like from Earth.

The hottest stars are what color and temperature?

Mallory Black:Bluish white and they can be 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another good answer Mallory. What is the surface of the sun called?

Devanie Black:Photosphere.

Okay. Last question... What is the hottest planet in our solar system and why?

Mallory Black:(scoffed) That's an easy question Mr. Astrinominoff. The hottest planet in our solar system is Mercury because it is the closest to the sun Everybody knows that!

I'm sorry but that answer is incorrect. (The whole class gasped and Mr. Astrinominoff looked at Devanie) Devanie, do you think you can correctly answer this question?

Devanie Black:Yeah, i guess so... The hottest planet in our solar system is Venus because it is covered by heavy clouds that allow the sun's rays to go in but prevents them from seeping out. Every day, Venus gets hotter since it own't let go of the sun's heat. No space ship could ever land on Venus because of its hot temperature. In fact, it will melt the ship instantly. But if any case, a space ship does land on Venus, if the astronauts somehow don't die from the heat. The atmosphere from the clouds. which are made of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid, will eat them away and reducing them to nothing. So in conclusion, going to Venus would just be plain suicide.(the whole class and the teacher stared at Devanie, causing her to sweat drop)Uh, was i right? Astrology really isn't my best subject.

The whole class falls out of their seats in anime style and another sweat drop falls from Devanie's forehead.

Ezekiel Sanders:Detention huh? What did you do this time?

Devanie Black:I didn't do anything Ezekiel.

Ezekiel Sander:Whatever it was, you must have really screwed up!

Devanie rolled her eyes while her back is turned

Devanie Black:That is so typical of you Ezekiel.

Ezekiel laughed once more before waving goodbye

Ezekiel Sanders:Good luck, Dev!

Mallory Black:Well, well, well...I knew you'd be showing up sooner or later.

Devanie Black:Why aren't you serving detention after school?

Mallory Black:You think i want to go through punishment all by myself?

Devanie Black:Sure, why not? Who'd wanna be with you anyway?

Mallory just shrugged

Mallory Black:I think we should be going to detention now. It's almost 7:00!

Devanie narrowed her eyes and followed Mallory to the detention room.

Mallory Black:What's wrong with you?

Devanie rubbed her eyes.

Devanie Black:Nothing.

Devanie Black:You'll die for your arrogance!

Mallory Black:And you'll die from depression.

Mad Mod:No worries, loves.

Devanie and Mallory:Mad Mod!

Mad Mod:That's right young lass and i'm serving detention!

Devanie Black:Can we go home now? I'm tired of all this stupid school business.

Lyn Kane: Did you just whine about something?

Devanie Black:Sorry. Guess i' just stressed. mentally And i don't want to go to gym class.

Devanie! Devanie! Wake up!

I've had a big day.

Jan McGuire:Hola (Hello), Devanie!

Devanie Black:Hola (Hello), Jan.

Jan McGuire: Que pasa (What's up.)

Devanie Black:No se. Yo me soy cansada. (I don't know. I am tired.) (yawned and covered her mouth with her hand) Did i say it right?(Jan shrugged)Whatever.

Jan McGuire: Devanie, you have to say whatever in Spanish!

Devanie Black:I don't know how to say whatever in Spanish, Jan.

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