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2 Days till Midnight is a 2014 action thriller film, starring Kate Beckinsale and Michael Eklund, with Andre Braugher, Cameron Leigh Stein, Dammarr Calhoun,


A woman has 2 days to do what a voice from a phone to save everybody at her step son's school till midnight.



  • Kate Beckinsale as Faith Winstead/A woman who's got 2 days to save her stepson's school
  • Michael Eklund as Dominic/The voice from the phone
  • Andre Braugher as Stan Winstead/Faith's new husband, Jake and Logan's father and Ashley's stepfather
  • Cameron Leigh Stein as Ashley Winstead/Faith's 16 year old daughter, Stan's stepdaughter, Jake's stepsister and Logan's half sister
  • Damarr Calhoun as Jake Winstead/Stan's 7 year old son, Faith's stepson, Ashley's stepbrother and Logan's half brother
  • TBA as Logan Winstead/Faith and Stan's 2 year old son and Ashley and Jake's half brother
  • Elle Fanning as Jessica Welson/Ashley's best friend
  • Garrett Backstrom as George Stevenson/Ashley's 2nd best friend
  • Sam Rockwell as Detective Marcus Dever/A detective who is solving the deaths of Hope, Melissa and Bobby Harrison
  • Madison McLaughlin as Melissa Harrison/A 16 year old girl who was killed on the night her mother and younger brother died at her brother's school explosion in the opening scene
  • Annie Wersching as Hope Harrison/Melissa's mother who was killed in her son's school explosion in the opening scene
  • Max Page as Bobby Harrison/Hope's 7 year old son and Melissa's brother who was also killed in his school explosion in the opening scene