28 Months Later

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28 Months Later is a 2017 British-American horror film, sequel to the 2002 and 2007 post-apocalyptic horror film 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, this films stars Eliza Bennett, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Liam Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, Kelly Rowan, Bianca Lawson, Jaden Smith, Denise Quinones, Emma Bell, Rupert Grint, Misha Collins, Amber Heard, and Lena Headey


28 months, London has become overrun by zombie. The Prescott family are alive and stay in the house. They have to try to find sanctuary and try to find a survivors in the london.


The movie opens with 4 November 2009, everybody watch the news when a doctor was found attack and blood on her leg. She was taken to a biohazard room. Dr. Raven Campbell (Lena Headey) was found by the police. Tinka's next door neighbor, Samantha Stewart (Amanda Seyfried) found Raven and call the police. She is stay with Emily Johnson (Bianca Lawson) and her son Leo (Jaden Smith). In the Prescott's house, is Tinka (Eliza Bennett)'s 15th birthday, Emma, Nick, Richard and Kelly (Emma Watson, Liam Hemsworth, Liam Neeson and Kelly Rowan) have birthday with Tinka.


  • Eliza Bennett as Tinka Prescott
  • Amanda Seyfred as Samantha Stewart/An American and Tinka's next door neighbor
  • Emma Watson as Emma Connor/Tinka's cousin
  • Liam Hemsworth as Nick Prescott/Tinka's brother
  • Liam Neeson as Richard Prescott/Tinka and Nick's father and Emma's uncle
  • Kelly Rowan as Kelly Prescott/Tinka and Nick's mother and Emma's anut
  • Bianca Lawson as Emily Johnson/A religious woman who believes god will save them.
  • Jaden Smith as Leo Johnson/Emily's son who befriends Tinka
  • Denise Quinones as Lysle Morales
  • Emma Bell as Jemma Lee
  • Rupert Grint as Harold Lee
  • Misha Collins as Dr. Robert Jefferies
  • Amber Heard as Kestra Donwes
  • Lena Headey as Dr. Raven Campbell


Tinka, Samantha, Harold, Emily and Leo



28 Months Later

  • Word: 28 Months Later.
  • (Zombie roar and run)
  • Tinka: We got potato, chips, cereal, carrot...
  • Nick: We got not most food, Tinka, fucking food!
  • Kelly: Don,t worry.
  • Emma: Where the bag?
  • Tinka: I got 3 cheese and onion crisps, apple juice, orange juice, 3 prawn cocktail crisps, 4 roast chicken crisps left of my birthday.
  • Emma: Got more?
  • Tinka: Yes.
  • Tinka: I wish is better birthday, everybody.
  • Kelly: I am so sorry.
  • Richard: Your mom is right.
  • Nick: She's wrong, Mom is wrong.
  • Tinka: You call her, Kelly, your life.
  • Nick: I with fucking wrong, I will never call her mum.
  • Tinka: You call her mum, now!
  • Nick: I was fucking wrong!
  • Kelly: How dare you?
  • Tinka: Oh shit.
  • Kelly: Call me Kelly, you fucking bitch!
  • (Kelly sobs)
  • Richard: Come here.
  • Tinka: We are the dead motherfuckers will be fucking alive. Stop, let stay fucking alive of fucking zombies!
  • Nick: Tinka is right.
  • Tinka: Don,t give fuck now, I will give a shit for this.
  • Emma: Good girl, Tinka.
  • Tinka: We lost everybody we know, I think.
  • Tinka: We don't know about Emily, Leo or Samantha.
  • Nick: They still alive.
  • Tinka: I don't know, we fucking don't know, OK.

The zombies chase the Prescott family

  • Emma: We got no power.
  • Tinka: Not in panic room.
  • Tinka: Samantha.
  • Samantha: Tinka.
  • Tinka: Can you hear me?
  • Tinka: Stay here in Emily's house.
  • Leo: Mom, is Tinka...?
  • Emily: How you know?
  • Leo: She is talking to Tinka.
  • Samantha: Tinka, I can,t hear you.
  • Tinka: Samantha, Samantha, shit.
  • Emma: What?
  • Tinka: The power out also the call.
  • (Emma scream)
  • Tinka: Dr. Raven fucking Campbell
  • Emma: Holy shit.
  • (Raven roar)
  • Nick: Dad, Kelly, look.
  • Tinka: Don,t go to the panic room, is Raven.
  • (The Prescott family and Emma run)
  • (The zombies break the door and run)
  • (Nick and Tinka put the tape all of the door)
  • Tinka: This is fucking bad idea.
  • Nick: I know, I am not fucking joker.

The zombies chase Tinka, Samantha, Emma and Nick and Nick's death

  • Nick: How we leave our mum and dad, Tinka.?
  • Tinka: They are fucking zombie.
  • Nick: Still our mum and dad.
  • Emma: My aunt and uncle.
  • Samantha: Leave her alone, she got an idea.
  • Tinka: Yes, I do.
  • Tinka: And...
  • Nick: What wrong.
  • Emma: A girl.
  • Tinka: Hannah, don,t!
  • (Emma grab the gun)
  • Emma: Are you OK?
  • (Little girl growl)
  • (Emma scream)
  • (Emma shot little girl in the head)
  • Hannah: Holy shit.
  • Samantha: Oh my god!
  • Tinka: Look.
  • (Zombies growl)
  • Tinka: Run.
  • (Tinka, Samantha, Nick and Emma run)
  • Samantha: Hurry, in the car.
  • (Nick, Tinka, Samantha and Emma open the car's door)
  • (Zombie run)
  • (Tinka drive the car)
  • Tinka: Samantha, hold the gun.
  • Samantha: Yes.
  • (Zombies run)
  • (Zombies roar)
  • (8 year old girl zombie growl and roar)
  • (Hannah scream)
  • Tinka: Samantha, hurry, give Emma, the gun.
  • (Samantha give Emma the gun)
  • (Emmashot 8 year old girl)
  • Samantha: Tinka, got another gun.
  • Tinka: Nick, shot the fucking zombies.
  • (Samantha give Nick the gun)
  • (Emma shot 2 zombie)
  • (Nick shot 3 zombie)
  • (Tinka drive the car very fast)
  • (Zombie run)
  • (Zombie growl and roar)
  • (Tinka saw Dr Raven Campbell as zombie)
  • Tinka: Raven fucking Campbell.
  • Samantha: What.
  • Tinka: She is the first one change to fucking zombie.

Tinka, Samantha and Emma is in Wembley, they find something safe to hide from the zombie, Wembley Stadium and they find Emily and Leo

  • (Tinka drive Samantha's car)
  • Emma: Where are we?
  • Tinka: Wembley.
  • Tinka: Listen, I know, I try, to save Mom, Dad...
  • Samantha: What about Nick.
  • Tinka: Nick save us, to be an alive.
  • Tinka: Where safe.
  • Emma: What about Wembley Stadium.
  • Tinka: OK.
  • (Samantha, Emma and Tinka walk and Tinka hold the gun)
  • (Emma open the door)
  • Tinka: Be quiet.
  • Samantha: Nobody here, we are safe.
  • Tinka: Come on.
  • (Emily attack Tinka)
  • Tinka: Hey.
  • Tinka: Emily.
  • Tinka: What the fuck you doing to me?
  • Emily: Tinka, I am sorry


  • ??? minutes long.
  • Rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing images and language.
  • It is distributed by 20th Century Fox and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
  • Released on August 18, 2017.
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