20 Minutes After Midnight is a 2014 action comedy film written by Ben Best and Danny McBride and directed by Jody Hill.


The CEO of a hotel chain assembles a team in one of his hotels to pull off the heist of a $5,000,000 diamond.


  • Will Ferrell as Brent Kane, the owner of Kane Hotels
  • John Lithgow as Arthur Grossman, a no-nonsense police chief
  • Joel McHale as Gary S. Sherman, the owner of a bookstore
  • Courteney Cox as Kaitlyn Alvarez, a florist and Brent Kane's love interest
  • Jonah Hill as Bernie Duncan, a rookie police officer who works for Arthur Grossman
  • Leslie Mann as Amy O'Hanlon, Gary S. Sherman's love interest and a nurse
  • Seth Rogen as Alvin Duncan, Bernie's older brother
  • Anna Kendrick as Gloria "GG" Grossman, Arthur's much-younger new wife
  • Danny McBride as Humphrey Klein, the zookeeper of a zoo that has been in his family for 2 generations
  • Kevin Kline as Oswald Keaton, a washed-up actor who is unable to find any new roles and because of that joins Brent's team
  • Mike Myers as Greg Sherman, Oswald's manager and Gary's older brother


Kevin Kline and Mike Myers reunite two years after the "Oscar Etiquette" short.

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