"Heads up people, Super 8 just became a reality." - LeapNews

On June 24, 2020 at 1:55 PM MST, an 2788 electric train with 147 passengers on board, crashed, killing 136 and injuring 2.

The incident was recorded on camera and was located at a railroad crossing in the middle of a street at Leapia City, Leapia, United Leaps of Leapians.

Incident plot

The electric train crashed into another train, causing the front of the electric train to turn sideways, making its trailers to fly into the air, landing on the ground exploding soon after, with the front of the train flipping around the road, and soon after exploding, sending a couple of passengers flying into the air and fatally killing them.

It has been reported that the train crash had caused over $2.7 million for damage to the vehicle road, including approximately between 7 to 9 million USD for damage of the electric train, and has caused extreme and massive derailment, as well as severe destruction.

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