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NOTE: 2017 is over and the awards are now closed. Nominations can no longer take place, and we thank you for everything.

The official poster for the 2017 Fanon Wiki Awards. Rules below.

Welcome to the 2017 Fanon Wiki Awards, the 3rd annual Fanon Wiki Awards!

There are some changes this time around, but most of the awards is the same format as last year's Fanon Wiki Awards. This time, to nominate an article, you must leave a comment below featuring the article of your choice, what category you would like to nominate it for, and why you nominated it. Users must then reply to that comment with a +1 vote, or else your vote will not count. The nominations with the most "+1" replies will be nominated and receive the 2017 Fanon Wiki Award for the category it was nominated for.

So, once again, you will not be able to directly add nominations to the page, however, you may nominate articles down below in the comments. The nominations with the most "+1" replies will be nominated. KEEP IN MIND that the replies HAVE to have +1 in them for them to count. Of course, you can write something in the reply as well as +1, but the +1 HAS to be in the reply or it won't count as a nomination.

Sound confusing? Let's see an example:

2017 Fanon Wiki Awards right-wrong.png

As you can see here, the user nominated the article correctly (just make sure you link the article you want to nominate in your nomination comment), and the first two users voted correctly, by using the +1. However, the third user did not include the +1 in his/her reply, thus, this nomination only received two votes, not three.

As you can see, it's pretty simple. We hope to have as many users as possible contribute, nominate articles, and maybe you'll see your article up there, nominated!


BUT! There are rules you must follow, below:

  1. You can only nominate one article per category, and once the category runs out of bullets, that category is closed. You CANNOT nominate an article for a category that is already filled, as it is locked.
  2. Only the host, Chris6d, can actually add articles to the list, as he will go through the comments, find which ones have the most votes for each category, and those will be the winners. Chris6d will then post the winners on this page, below, so you can see them.
  3. Articles nominated from the 2015 or 2016 Fanon Wiki Awards cannot be nominated again. If it is a TV Series and they added a new season, then it can be nominated.
  4. Only FINISHED and COMPLETED articles can be nominated, with little-to-no information missing. For example, a movie article that has no details except the name and cast CANNOT be nominated. As well, Work-In-Progress or Under Construction articles CANNOT be nominated.
  5. You CANNOT nominate your own article, or an article that you or somebody else already nominated! You can, however, upvote an article even if it is your own, if someone else nominated it for you. However, you cannot persuade other users to purposely nominate your article.
  6. Again, to nominate an article, you must leave a comment below including the article, which category you nominated it for, and why. Please link the article, as if you say "I want to nominate the Power Rangers article", there are like 30 Power Ranger articles on this wiki, so your nomination will be invalid. Failing to include any of these will result in the elimination of your nomination, and you will not be able to nominate an article again for 1 week.
  7. Again, to upvote a nomination, you must reply with +1, along with something else if you'd like. Replies that do not contain the +1 will NOT be counted, so keep this in mind.
  8. Have fun.

Rules will be updated over time. Failing to abide by any of these rules can result in the termination of your nomination rights until the 2018 Fanon Wiki Awards, and you can possibly be blocked if you continue to violate these rules, or harass anyone.

Since Chris6d is the creator of the Fanon Wiki Awards, it is only fair that he hosts every year until he retires, in which case the user he personally chooses to carry on his legacy will host it, or if not, the lead admin of this wiki at that time.

The awards will officially be closed on December 31, 2017, at 11:59 PM (23:59) Eastern Time. After this, nominations will be closed and the 2018 Fanon Wiki Awards will take place.

Now, follow the rules above, and nominate! Go!

Best Live Action TV Series article

Limit is 5:

  1. Danny and Miley's Guide to Parenting (2016 TV Sitcom)
  2. Scooby-Doo! and the Mystery Gang (2014 TV Series)
  3. Family Tunes, Again (2017 Television Series)
  4. The Phantom (2015 TV Series)

Best Television Drama/Telenovela

Limit is 5:

  1. Law & Order: New Orleans
  2. Law & Order: Dallas

Best Animated TV Series article

Limit is 3:

  1. My Weird School (TV series)

Best Superhero TV Series

Limit is 3:

  1. Green Lantern Corps (2017 Series)
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man (2016 TV Series)

Best Film

Limit is 7:

  1. The Future is Wild (reboot)

Best Original Movie Article

Limit is 5:

  1. The Night Before Christmas (2018 Film)

Best Drama Movie Article

Limit is 5:

Best Comic Adaption/Superhero Movie

Limit is 5:

  1. Batman Beyond (2017 Film)
  2. Firestorm (2016 Film)

Best Action Movie

Limit is 5:

  1. 1
  2. Digimon (Live Action Film)

Best Comedy Movie

Limit is 5:

  1. Tom and Jerry (Live Action Film)

Best Horror Movie

Limit is 5:

  1. The Dark House: White Nightmare
  2. The Grudge 4 (2017)

Best Horror TV Series

Limit is 5:

  1. Murder Hotel

Best Chick Flick/Romantic Comedy Movie

Limit is 3:

Best Animated/Fantasy Movie

Limit is 3:

Best Supernatural/Disaster/Coming of Age Movie

Limit is 5:

  1. The Night Before Christmas (2018 Film)

[CLOSED] Best Action/Adventure Video Game

Limit is 4:

  1. The Ninjerks
  2. Smallville (Video Game)
  3. Sacramento Jungle (2016 Video Game)
  4. Jak 4: The Darkness Within

Best Horror Video Game

Limit is 3:

Best App/Mobile Game

Limit is 3:

Best Location

Fanon worlds, lands, etc. LIMIT IS 3:

  1. Future Island
  2. Island Of Death Itself

Best Event

Events such as wars, etc. LIMIT IS 3:

  1. World War III


Other articles that do not fit in any other category, but are still good enough to be nominated, can go here. Limit is 5:

  1. Car
  2. List of introduced species

More categories may be added in the future. ONLY Chris6d may add nominations and edit this page. Now, vote below!