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NOTE: 2015 is over and the awards are now closed. Nominations can no longer take place, and we thank you for everything.

The Fanon Wiki is one of the biggest wikis on Wikia. Thus, it has been decided that it deserves its own annual awards ceremony. The first one took place in 2015.

The Fanon Wiki Awards is an annual award ceremony for the Fanon Wiki. This page is where we nominate pages on this wiki for all kinds of awards for 2015. Once the 2016 Awards come, this page is closed and cannot be further edited. You can contribute, too, by nominating an article on this wiki under one of the categories below.

You can only nominate one article per category, and once the category runs out of bullets, that category is closed. You cannot change that.

You may not delete anything on this article but can more nominations and categorys but none to closed categories.

You also cannot change the winner of catogrioes.

The 2016 Fanon Wiki Awards will take place on January 8, 2016.



Creativity (5 Articles Max)

Longest Articles (3 Articles Max)

Wordiest Title of Article (CLOSED)

Shortest Articles (2 Articles Max)

  • First Place:
  • Second Place:

Suavest (3 Articles Max)

Best TV Series Article  (CLOSED)

Best Movie Article  (CLOSED)

Wonkiest Article Title (CLOSED)

Best Drama Movie Article  (CLOSED)

Best Action Movie Article  (CLOSED)

Best Comic Adaption  (CLOSED)

Best Horror Movie Article  (CLOSED)

Best Supernatural Articles (4 Articles Max)

Best Horror TV Series Articles (3 Articles Max)

Best Television Drama (4 Articles Max)