10 Day
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Directed by

Hiro Murai

Produced by

Chancelor Bennett
Kanye West
Ryan Coogler

Screenplay by

Chancelor Bennett
Donald Glover
Rick Famuyiwa

Story by

Chancelor Bennett

Based on

  1. 10 Day

Mixtape by Chancelor Bennett "Chance The Rapper"


Trevor Jackson
Thomas Mann
Bella Sana
Tyler James Williams
Alexandra Shipp
RJ Cyler
Donald Glover
Nick Offermen
Dennis Haysbert
Kanye West

Music by

G.O.O.D Music


Rachel Morrison

Edited by

Lee Haugen


Revolt Films

Distributed by

Open Road Films

Release date(s)

June 18th, 2016

Running time

112 Minuties


United States




$9 Million


10 Day is a 2016 Black Comedy-Drama film directed by Hiro Murai in his first dicteroal debut and written by Chance The Rapper, Donald Glover and Rick Famuyiwa based on the making of 2011's #10 Day mixtpae made by Chance The Rapper, who made the mixtape while he was suspeneded from school for 10 days. The Film stars Trevor Jackson, Bella Sana, Thomas Mann, Tyler James Williams, Alexandra Shipp, RJ Cyler and Kanye West

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The Film starts off with Mike explaining through a monologue his high school life and during this he is heading to class. He explains how he is too cool for the geeks but not cool enough to hang with the upper echelon black kids so him, Ladavious and Shawn are awkwardly left in the middle between the two and they nowhere near Kendall. Ladavious and Mike exchange some words and they head to lunch their normal place they eat lunch at the library and Shawn is listening to Tribe Called Quest and Shawn vouches that Tribe is the best hip hop sound. Mike reveals he is hungry and they tense and say they have to go to the cafeteria and they head there for the first time in a long time and everyone at every single table is rapping or having a rap contest and they get their food and try and head back but one of the contest meet Melody intrigue them and they stay and listen to it. They go on with the generic stuff and Mike buts in and starts a freestyle about how deep life is and they boo him out and say to leave the whack stuff at home and they are booed out of the cafeteria as they head out Oscar comes to them and tells them that karma happens when they leave the star trek club and Ladavious blows him off.

Mike and Melody heads home and he listens to a new J Cole album and his whole collection is seen and his dad comes into the room and dumps his clothes and thinks he is studying but instead catches him writing rapes and he tells him that he is not going to get anywhere with writing raps but Mike disagrees and states that he is good at but His Dad tells him that it offers nothing and he will be getting nothing out of it and leaves. Mike and Melody heads back to the school the next day and they have an interesting conversation and they head to lunch room as Mike has more rhymes with Melody. They head their and are about to get in a rap battle until a girl comes in and shows them a video and it is of the famous rapper from their community, J – Wiz and that he is gonna come back and have a mixtape contest hat will last 10 days and the winner will get signed to his label and they all get hyped and Mike looks at Ladavious and Shawn and smiles that Melody mad.

They head to Rot Nose Pete, a man who they buy their hip-hop stuff from and he gives them the key to his studio and tells them with Melody they can go in their anytime they want and Shawn is amazed by the studio quality and they play around with the equipment but then get serious and they spend a day in there writing rhymes. The next day at school they get a threated from Oscar but brush it off but Kendall comes and talks to Mike and tells him that he likes his ryhems and that he admires his work ethic and success and invites him to a party they are having and invites him over to come. Mike and Melody tells them that he is gonna go for expirecne sake and though they are against it they let him go Mike arrives at the party and sees the freestyle battle and it is Kendall’s turn and when he gets up on the satge he invites Mike on as well and he begins rapping and then starts dissing Mike and Melody with everyone begins laughing and he disses Mike and Melody the whole time and After Mike feels betrayed Kendall reveals that he only invted him over to use him and that he’s lame and to leave and Mike punches him and he immediately regrets it as him and the others run as other from the party chase them until an upperclassmen tells them to get in his car to escape.

Mike and Melody knows the upperclassmen named Edwin and they high five and Mike tells them that he helped them survive their freshmen year and they share a laugh. He tells him `what’s happening and he tells him what they should rap about on the tape and they agree.They head back to the studio and are writing until Alexis Jones, the best female rapper in the school come sin and tells Mike that she wants in and Shawn and Ladavious are against it but she spites a freestyle and they are sold and she is let into the group.The next day while Mike is on the bus Alexis approaches him and gives him a song that she can feature on and she tells him that he is weird and he ask how and she reveals that he never talks on the bus or really anywhere and Mike reveals because he is always thinking of idea and things and that he wants to make a difference and she admits she admires that. A week passes and They finish and the last track and they all celebrate and they upload the mixtape onto the website and they hug each other and everything with Melody.

The Next day comes and mike confronts Kendall and tells him that he is gonna get signed and he will give him a shout out as a loser on one of his tracks but Kendall laughs and tells him that he isn’t even on the website and He is shocked and sees that he is not one there and is shocked as they upload last night until Ladavious is seen dragging Oscar down the hall and reveals that he found their IP Address and stopped the mixtape form getting to the site and Kendall laughs until Ladavious punches on his guys and a fight is about to breakout till its stopped.Mike is seen sitting on a sidewalk and he is sad and Alexis and Melody comes and Mike tells her what happened and he reveals that he is sadden and that he all he wants is to not be normal or the same he tells her that he has such big aspirations and that if this was a couple of years back he would never have done this but that he wants to be different and that he wants it more than anyone can think of but now the dream is ruined but Alexis kisses him and tells him that there is still hope and Mike realizes there is.He heads back to the studio and tells Shawn to put the tracks onto a disc and he does and Ladavious reveals that J WIZ is the school now awarding and naming the winner and the two head there.

J WIZ states how proud he is off the school and the community and gives Kendall the plaque and until Mike, Melody and Ladavious arrive their they hand him the disc as they are dragged off but Mike begs for him to listen to it and they are thrown out. Ladavious comforts Mike and tells him that he tried and did his best and that he is proud of him. When Mike gets back Shawn reveals that he put the mixtape on the website late but he got the most downloads and they are happy about this.1 week passes and when Mike and Melody and the others head to the cafeteria they are appealed and everyone complements him even the hip-hop heads give him props and he is happy over this. He is at home listening to J Wiz’s album The Black print until he turns opens the front door and sees him and he reveals that he likes his mixtape and he tells him that he has a lot of potential and he is overjoyed by this and reveals that he is gonna sign him as well.


  • Trevor Jackson as Mike Zumbaklabuntha 
  • Tyler James Williams as Ladavious Cartwright
  • Bella Sana Hanna as Melody Cartwrighter
  • Thomas Mann as Shawn Mann
  • Devin Druid as Oscar
  • Alexander Shipp as Alexis Jones
  • RJ Cyler as Kendall Wright
  • Donald Glover as Edwin
  • Kanye West as J Wiz
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