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1 is a 2015 action/adventure comedy movie directed by Chris6d. It stars Josh Jamelsas.


A 13-year old boy finds a spy kit and unleashes his abilities at his school. He goes to jail but breaks out, and soon the school, and the city, fear him. But he shan't let his fear get in the way; he will use these abilities to his greater advantage.


A 13-year old boy named James, who goes to school and loves parkour and free-running is one day impressed by reports of a mysterious spy kit hidden atop the tallest building in the city. He sneaks out of his house one evening, determined to obtain that kit. He secretly climbs the building using his parkour and free-running skills, and finds the kit on the roof. Inside the kit is a device which looks like a watch, but it is greater. James puts it on, there's an aura blast atop the roof, and the building collapses with James knocked out on top of it.

James would have died, but he wakes up two months later in a hospital. His parents are standing there, along with the mayor, and the mayor explains to James (since he was didn't remember anything that happened that night) that he snuck on top of the building and got the kit, and put on a device which knocked him out, and it sent an aura blast across the city, knocking out power and the building itself. The mayor shows James the device.

James is in shock. His parents explain that he was in a coma for over two months, and they were deathly scared. But James is up now, and he jumps out of the bed. Not realizing he's still hooked up to machines, he knocks the machines over. James apologizes but he didn't know where that sudden burst of energy came from. James is fine now, and he and his parents leave the hospital (after some negotiating).

Two weeks later, James is back in school, and the school threw a party for him in the school gym. James is hangin' around in the gym when suddenly, he gets a burst of energy again, and jumps on the ceiling. Everyone is staring at him, and he, at this point, is scared as well, trying to jump from vent to vent on the ceiling to not fall down. James reaches for a long rope hanging from the ceiling and swings around the gym frantically. He eventually falls off the rope and into a table with snacks and some punch on it. James is knocked out again, and as people move toward him, they notice something: the device wound up on his wrist. Again.

But how? James wakes up, laying down in the back of an ambulance. His parents and an EMT are in the back, but they are not heading for a hospital. Instead, they unload James at a police station questioning room. Once everyone is settled in, the police ask James and his parents lots, and lots, and lots, of questions. They're there for about six hours before they take James to a prison cell. James' parents are horrified that he's in jail, but the cops inject a chemical in James' parents, knocking them out.

Little do the cops know, James has the device on his wrist. He pushes a button on it, which summons two twin Nerf guns to fall on James. James sees that the darts in the Nerf guns have lethalizers in them, which knock an opponent out if it hits them in the head. James takes out all the cops in the room and actually kicks the cell door down, and escapes. The next day, James enters school again, but he is an outcast, a reject, and people are scared of him. He has the Nerf guns and out of anger, starts taking out people in the school. He takes out the principal, security guards, several students, teachers, and other personnel in the building. He runs to the gym, grabs onto that rope, and starts swinging. He has sunglasses and makeup on, and aims toward the camera with the twin guns showing, thus, the movie poster.

Eventually, he is caught by the cops and take him in. James is in the back of a paddy wagon now, and he learns that his parents are dead, and is devastated. Out of anger, he silently bashes the two cops' heads together that are near him, knocking them out. He then finds his Nerf guns on a rack in the back, and shoots both cops with a dart. The dart goes through both of the cops' heads, killing them. James then breaks out of the truck, realizing that the device is giving him advanced strength, speed, and parkour & free-running skills.