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0 to 10 is a 2013 American science fiction horror slasher film, It was directed by Stewart Hendler. This films stars Chris Hemsworth and Emma Bell with Matt Lanter, Shia LaBeof, Jennifer Lawrence, Zac Efron, David Henrie, Leighton Meester, Texas Battle, Cameron Bright, Skandar Keynes, Ralph Fiennes, and Dennis Quaid.


A pizza boy was sent to live in the island after he was taken by a stranger. Reggie Riley is Number 10. Somebody is killing all of the people numbers, 0 to 10. Can anybody stops the killer?



  • Chris Hemsworth as Reggie Riley/Number 10
  • Emma Bell as Maria Washington/Number 9
  • Matt Lanter as Victor Simmons/Number 8
  • Shia LaBeof as Drake Garcia/Number 7
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Cami White/Number 6
  • Zac Efron as Billy Watson/Number 5
  • David Henrie as Cyrus Ross/Number 4
  • Leighton Meester as Hannah Carmichael/Number 3
  • Texas Battle as Mike Stein/Number 2
  • Cameron Bright as Ricky Stewart/Number 1
  • Skandar Keynes as Austin Cotton/Number 0
  • Ralph Fiennes as Razor/the killer
  • Dennis Quaid as Captain Lucas Washington/Maria's father


Number 10 (Reggie) and Number 9 (Maria) are only survivors and also Captain Lucas.


  • Number 0 (Austin)- killed by chainsaw
  • Number 1 (Ricky)- stabbed by machete
  • Number 2 (Mike)- throat cut with knife
  • Number 3 (Hannah)- shot in the eye with arrow
  • Number 4 (Cyrus)- shot by nail gun
  • Number 5 (Billy)- stabbed with screwdriver
  • Number 6 (Cami)- set on fire
  • Number 7 (Drake)- killed by axe
  • Number 8 (Victor)-Killed in the explosion
  • Razor-After Razor was alive in the explosion, Razor try to kill Maria because she is next. Reggie shot Razor in the head with the handgun.

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The Opening Scene

The numbers tells who are they

  • (Number 0 to 10 in bedroom)
  • Reggie: I got a question, who are your guys?
  • Reggie: We are the number but have we got a name?
  • (Everybody look at Reggie)
  • Reggie: My name is Reggie Riley, I am Number 10, I am pizza boy.
  • Mike: I like him.
  • Reggie: Number 9.
  • Maria: My name is Maria Washington, I am number 9, I am the kidnapper's daughter.
  • Reggie: Wait, what?
  • Maria: He is my dad.
  • Hannah: Your dad?
  • Cami: Hold on a minutes, why your dad kidnapped us?
  • Maria: I don't know, he become different person since me and my dad spilt up.
  • Maria: This is protecting.
  • Austin: I am going to be sick.
  • Reggie: Clam dowm, I am sure that Maria's dad is not psychopath.
  • Reggie: No offence.
  • (Maria give Reggie a middle finger)
  • Reggie: Number 8.
  • Victor: My name is Victor Simmons, I am number 8, I am businessman.
  • Reggie: Number 7.
  • Drake: My name is Drake Garcia, I am number 7, I am millionaire.
  • Reggie: Really?
  • Drake: No, I am thief and I always gets myself in trouble.
  • (Everybody laughs)
  • Reggie: Number 6.
  • Cami: My name is Cameron White but everybody call me Cami.
  • Cami: I am number 6, I am Number 9's best friend we know each other since childhood.
  • Cami: After her psychopath dad and mum broken up.
  • Maria: Hey!
  • Cami: I am joking.
  • Cami: I am also a party girl.
  • Reggie: Number 5.
  • Billy: My name is Billy Watson, I am Number 5 and I am swimmer.
  • Reggie: Number 4.
  • Cyrus: My name is Cyrus Ross, I am Number 4 and I am a university student and an artist.
  • Cami: Luckily life.
  • Reggie: Number 3.
  • Hannah: Er...
  • Hannah: My name is Hannah Carmichael, I am Number 3 and I am a drug dealer.
  • Hannah: I have taking drugs since I was 15.
  • Hannah: I don't know where the fuck I am.
  • Hannah: I am a lonely person.
  • (Hannah lying down on the bed)
  • Hannah: Drugs make me better.
  • Maria: Drugs can kill you.
  • Reggie: Number 2.
  • Mike: My name is Mike Stein, I am Number 2 and I am shop helper.
  • Mike: I works in the shop where my uncle runs.
  • Reggie: Number 1.
  • Ricky: My name is Ricky Stewart, I am Number 1 and I am college student, I am only 19.
  • Reggie: Number 0.
  • Austin: My name is Austin Cotton, I am Number 0 and I am mechanic.
  • Reggie: OK, we know who we are.
  • Victor: But Reggie, how the fuck we getting out of here?
  • Reggie: I don't hav...
  • (Hiss sound)
  • Lucas (voice): Time of bed.
  • (Everybody groan)
  • (Cami and Mike unconscious on the same bed)
  • (Billy falls off the bed)
  • (Hannah cough and unconscious on the bed)
  • (Ricky, Austin and Cyrus unconscious on the bed)
  • (Drake lying down on the bed)
  • (Victor cover his mouth)
  • (Victor tries to open the door)
  • Victor: He can't get to me...
  • (Victor's eyes dizzy and unconscious on the floor)
  • (Maria collapse on the floor)
  • (Reggie falls off the bed)
  • (Everybody unconscious)
  • (Black light off)
  • Lucas (voice): Good night!
  • (Lucas look everything at computer)
  • Lucas: Sort out them.
  • (Door open)
  • (White mask women walks into the room and all bring 4 trays)

Razor's death and the ending scene

  • Word: 3 days later, France
  • Word: Meuse.
  • Maria: Beautiful sky.
  • Reggie: Beautiful eye.
  • Maria: Yes, what beautiful eye.
  • (Reggie kiss Maria)
  • Lucas: New home, new lives.
  • Reggie: I get some drink.
  • Maria: OK.
  • (Maria's eye close and listen)
  • Non, ce n'était pas le radeau
  • De la Méduse, ce bateau,
  • Qu'on se le dis' au fond des ports,
  • Dis' au fond des ports,
  • Ses fluctuat nec mergitur
  • (Razor wash her hair)
  • C'était pas d'la litteratur',
  • N'en déplaise aux jeteurs de sort,
  • Aux jeteurs de sort,
  • Son capitaine et ses mat'lots
  • N'étaient pas des enfants d'salauds,
  • Mais des amis franco de....
  • Maria: Huh.
  • (Razor suffocated Maria with the towel)
  • Maria: Help.
  • (Maria kick)


  • Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, disturbing images and some drug references.