007: You Only Live Twice is a 2023 spy film and a sequel to  007: On Her Majesty's Secret Service.


Following the death of James Bond's wife Tracy at the hands of SPECTRE, 007 has begun to let his life slide. He begins to drink and gamble heavily, which begins to affect his work at MI6. Bond's superior M decides to give the agent another chance, allowing him a vacation to Japan to take some time off.

Once in Japan, Bond finds himself trailed by a group of mysterious Japanese men. Returning to his hotel one evening, Bond meets an Australian Intelligence officer named Dikko Henderson, who puts Bond in a car and drives him to a meeting with the leader of the Japanese men. The man is revealed to be Tiger Tanaka, the head of the Japanese Secret Service. Tanaka informs Bond that knows much about him and that he is very famous within the intelligence community. Tanaka has summoned Bond to ask him for his assistance on a case; to investigate Hiro Ostato, the president of Ostato Chemicals. Bond blankly asks why he should help Tanaka, seeing as he is on vacation. Tanaka informs him of a man named Dr Guntram Shatterhand. Bond knows the name; he is responsible for the politically embarassing Garden of Death, a garden he created in a castle where depressed Japanese people can come to pay and commit suicide. However, Bond has no interest in the case. Tanaka then reveals that he believes that Shatterhand is in fact Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Bond and Henderson head to the HQ of Ostato Chemicals. They sneak into Ostato's office and break into his safe, hoping to find some incriminating evidence. Armed security guards arrive and chase them out. They reach a point where Henderson must fight off the guards, forcing Bond to escape alone. Henderson is then murdered by the guards. Bond himself is rescued by a beautiful woman who he recognizes as the Japanese pop star Kissy Suzuki. Kissy admits that she is actually a secret agent working for Tanaka, using the cover identity of a pop star.

Bond and Tanaka take a look over the files recovered from Ostato's safe and find references to a volcano found just outside of Tokyo. Tanaka notes that it isn't far from the Garden of Death. The two take a helicopter and fly over the area and spot a group of heavily armed men patrolling the perimeter. When the two are spotted, the helicopter is pursued by an enemy helicopter. After a lengthy chase, Bond outwits the opponents and sends it down in a fireball.

Bond and Tanaka prepare to mount an assault on the enemy lair. At the same time, Kissy finds herself falling in love with Bond. She teaches him to fish and he enjoys his time amongst the Japanese fishermen, while the two grow closer together. Bond also decides to call in his old friend Felix Leiter to assist him in finally taking their enemy down.

Bond sneaks into the base dressed in samurai armour, where he once again encounters Blofeld, revealing himself as the true mastermind. He learns that Blofeld and Ostato had been working together to try and create new chemical weapons. Blofeld, upset with Ostato's failure to kill the meddlesome agent (who he does not know is Bond), drops him into a pool of piranhas, where he is devoured. Then, Bond is captured and unmasked. Bond and Blofeld have their first conversation since Blofeld killed Tracy. Bond also recognizes another face; Blofeld's henchwoman and now wife Irma Bunt. Bond swears that he will kill them both.

Blofeld explains to Bond that he created the garden in order to refinance SPECTRE after the damaging blow done to the organization by Bond. Blofeld then has Bond led away.

Bond gives the code to Tanaka to begin the assault. Leiter, Tanaka and Kissy lead the attack against Blofeld's volcano lair, during which Bond escapes. The chaos triggers an eruption from the volcano. As the underground base is being destroyed, Blofeld flees into a tunnel. Bond finds Bunt and knocks her into the piranha pool.

Tanaka has his men evacuated as the SPECTRE base is engulfed in lava. Bond chases Blofeld through a tunnel system and finds himself in the Garden of Death at Blofeld's castle. Enraged, Blofeld attacks Bond with a samurai sword, but Bond retrieves another one and uses it to fend Blofeld off. Blofeld eventually tackles Bond to the ground and begins to strangle him, but Bond grabs his sword and runs Blofeld through. The two bitter enemies exchange some final words before Blofeld dies and SPECTRE collapses.

Tanaka simultaneously calls in an air strike on the castle, knowing Blofeld will be there but unaware of Bond's presence. Kissy, however, had also followed Bond through the tunnels. The castle is destroyed and Bond is knocked out and falls into the water, but Kissy rescues him. She reports to Tanaka that Bond is dead and then resigns from his service.

Afterwards, however, it turns out that Bond is alive but suffering from amnesia, and Kissy, now completely in love with him, is planning on living with him as a fisherman. However, Bond finds his own obituary in the paper and leaves Kissy to learn more about his past. After he leaves, Kissy is revealed to be pregnant with his son.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond 007

Bill Nighy - M

Hugh Laurie - Q

Kelly Reilly - Miss Monneypenny

Nao Nagasawa - Kissy Suzuki

Ken Watanbe - Tiger Tanaka

Toby Jones - Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Kiroyuki Sanada - Hiro Ostato

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