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007: Thunderball is a 2021 spy film and a sequel to 007: From Russia With Love.


The film begins with James Bond 007 attending the funeral of one Colonel Jacques Bouvar. Bond meets Bouvar's widow, her face concealed by a black veil. Bond suddenly punches the woman, revealing that it is actually a disguised Bouvar, who is alive. Bond and MI6 had already deduced that Bouvar was an agent of the mysterious terrorist organization they have been tracking. After a brutal fight between the two, Bond kills Bouvar by strangling him and breaking his neck with a fire poker. 

Bond's superior M notes the physical effect the fight has had on him and sends Bond to the Shurblands Health Clinic outside of London. Here, Bond meets a mysterious man named Count Lippe, who wears a familiar ring on his finger. Bond also notices his tattoo, which come from a Chinese Tong, and decides to snoop around.

Meanwhile, a woman named Fatima Blush seduces a French NATO pilot named Francois Petachi. There is a knock on the door following their tryst and Petachi opens it to find a man who looks identical to himself. A horrified Petachi is then shot dead by the doppleganger. This man is revealed to be Jack Angelo, who is also working for the same terrorist organization as Blush. Angelo steals Petachi's clothes and identification.

While Bond is relaxing in the clinic, Lippe tries to kill him. The attempt on Bond's life is interrupted by nurse Patricia Fearing, who Bond then seduces. Afterwards, Lippe is sitting in a steam bath and Bond traps him within it, leaving him to perish.

Angelo takes Petachi's place onboard an Avro Vulcan loaded with two atomic bombs as part of a training excercise. During the flight, Angelo murders the other crew members and sinks the plane into the ocean near the Bahamas. The crash site is dived by other members of the terrorist group, led by the organizations Number 2, Emilio Largo. While Largo's men retrieve the warheads, Largo attends to Angelo, who is still strapped to his seat. Largo initially appears to be ready to free Angelo, drawing a knife to cut him free. However, Largo knows that Angelo had prievously tried to get more money for his services. Largo instead cuts Angelo's breathing tube and leaves Angelo to die.

With two nuclear missiles unaccounted for, the heads of all NATO Governments gather to discuss the issue. Suddenly, they are contacted by the criminals who now possess the bombs. The villains identify themselves as SPECTRE, the Special Exectuive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. They announce that they have stolen the warheads and are threatening to use them, unless they are handed twenty five per cent of the respective countries annual oil purchases. 

All 00 agents are summoned to Whitehall in response to the crisis. While Bond searches through a file on the case, he recognizes a photo of Petachi, having seen his dead body being removed from the clinic. M learns that Petachi's sister, Dominique, is in Nassau. 

Bond arrives in the Bahamas and meets Dominique, who is more commonly referred to as Domino. He also meets her uncle, Emilio Largo, but it isn't long before he deduces that she is merely posing as his niece to cover up the fact that she is his mistress.

At his hotel, Bond meets his old friend Felix Leiter of the CIA and the two spring a trap on a hired goon snooping around Bond's room. Bond decides to let him go after seeing he has learned nothing. The henchman returns to Largo, who is greatly displeased with his failure and has him thrown into a swimming pool infested with sharks.

Bond and Leiter meet with Q and a woman named Nicole, and is given a collection of new Q branch issued gadgets. While Bond tries to search Largo's boat, Fatima arrives at the hotel and kills Nicole. 

Bond returns to the hotel and finds Fatima waiting for him, and she seduces him. Afterwards, Bond is captured by Fatima's men when he discovers Nicole's body. Bond manages to escape from his captors and is pursued through a local parade, eventually hiding out in a nightclub. Fatima finds him and they dance while one of her henchmen gets into a position to shoot Bond. Bond moves at the last second and pulls Fatima into the path of the bullet, killing her. 

The next morning, Bond and Leiter dive the wreck of the Avro Vulcan and find Angelo's body with Petachi's dogtags. Bond then meets Domino on a secluded beach, where he informs her of her brother's demise and then asks her for help in finding the bombs. Domino swears that she will have revenge on Largo, and Bond promises to kill him. Domnio agrees to help Bond and defects to his side just in time to inform him of Vargas, one of Largo's men, sneaking up on him. Bond quickly grabs a nearby harpoon and impales Vargas to a tree.

Bond gives Domino his Geiger counter and sends her to search Largo's yacht, while he sneaks into Largo's lair. Bond is cornered, but is rescued by Leiter, and together they escape Largo's complex. Bond reveals that he has uncovered Largo's plot; he will use the bombs to destroy Miami Beach. On his yacht, Largo captures Domino.

Bond and Leiter gather the United States Coastguard and parachute to the location of Largo's yacht as it approaches Miami Beach. A huge underwater ensues between the SPECTRE thugs and the Coastguard. On the yacht, Domino meets Ladislav Kutze, a nuclear physicist which SPECTRE kidnapped to aid them in his plot. He frees Domino, but he himself is then killed by Largo's men. 

Bond climbs onto Largo's yacht, while the villain tries to escape by jettisoning the rear of the boat. Bond makes it onto the front,a hydrofoil, as it departs. Bond and Largo have a final fist fight, but Largo knocks Bond to the floor and holds him at gunfight. Suddenly, Largo is shot from behind with a speargun by Domino. 

Bond and Domino dive overboard just as the boat strikes rocks and explodes. They climb into a raft and begin to make love. A US Navy is prepared to rescue them with a sky hook, but Leiter tells them not to bother. The film ends with Bond and Domino making love in the raft as it drifts towards the shore.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond/007

Bill Nighy - M

Hugh Laurie - Q

Kelly Reilly - Miss Monneypenny

Elodie Yung - Dominique "Domino" Petachi 

Jean Reno - Emilio Largo

Manuela Arcuri - Fatima Blush