007: The Spy Who Loved Me is a 2027 spy film and a sequel to 007: Diamonds Are Forever.


Three submarines; one from the Royal Navy, one from the US Navy, and one from the Russian fleet mysteriously disappear.

James Bond 007 is called upon to investigate. On the way, he encounters a gang of Russian agents who engage him in a downhill ski-chase. Bond manages to use a gun hidden in his ski pole to kill one of the agents before parachuting to safety.

Bond is informed of the forming crisis and the fact that a highly advanced submarine tracking device is available on the Egyptian market. Bond is subsequently dispatched to Egypt.

There, he meets Anya Amasova, Russian Agent XXX, and they are encouraged by their superiors to work together in light of this new threat. Also in Egypt, the two are attacked by the viciou Jaws, a large henchman with metal teeth.

After retrieving a microfilm from when they fought off Jaws, they bring it before their respective superiors; M and General Gogol, with Q and Miss Moneypenny also present. They all examine the microfilm and find the logo for Stromberg Shipping, a shipping line owned by an old man named Karl Stromberg.

Bond and Anya are then dispatched to Sardinia to further investigate Stromberg. They discover a new supertanker he has built, the Liparus. Searching Stromberg's facility, Bond learns that the Liparus had never visited any known port or harbour.

Bond and Anya, who is warming to him, then must search in darkness, but Bond has a lighter handy. Anya recognizes the lighter as being made in a city near to where her own lover was recently killed. In her ensuing confrontation with Bond, it is revealed that Anya's lover was the man Bond killed during the opening ski chase. Anya tells him that she will help him put an end to whatever Stromberg's planning, but once the mission is done, she will kill him.

The duo monitor the Liparus from an American vessel, only for it to subsequently be captured, along with all of it's crew, by the Liparus. Bond and Anya finally meet Stromberg himself. Bond inquires about Stromberg's intentions, who appears to go off on a tangent about his love of the ocean and sea life. Stromberg then reveals that he is dying and out of disgust for mankind, he has ochestrated the capture of the submarines in order to have them fire on New York and Moscow, which will lead to an all-out nuclear war which will destroy most of humanity. Bond is disgusted and left on board the Liparus, while Anya fakes appreciation for Stromberg's efforts, enticing him to take her back to his underwater lair; Atlantis.

On the Liaprus, Bond liberates the captive crews of the US, UK and Russian submarines and they lead an assault on the Liparus, eventually killing it's captain and sinking it. Before they leave on the American sub, Bond alters the missile coordinates so that they destroy each other, preventing the catastrophe.

The submarine receives orders to destroy Atlantis, but Bond insists on entering the base and rescuing Anya. As such, he is forced to go alone and is given a time limit before they blow the base. Bond finds Anya being forced to dine with Stromberg, who is still waiting for the world to end. Stromberg tries to kill Bond by shooting him with a harpoon via a tube hidden under the table. Bond points out that Stromberg only had his one shot. Bond then fires his own gun into the tube, killing Stromberg. 

Bond and Anya make a run for the escape pod, but Bond is tackled by Jaws. Anya now has the opportunity to get into the pod and escape, leaving Bond and Jaws to their deaths, but she returns to help Bond. Jaws is defeated when he falls into a shark pool and is last seen wrestling with the shark, with the victor left unclear. Bond and Anya climb into the pod and flee just as Atlantis is destroyed.

In the aftermath, Bond and Anya are drifting in the ocean. Anya finds Bond's gun, but chooses not to kill him as she has forgiven him. As the Royal Navy recovers the pod, M, Q and Gogol gather to greet the heroes. They are very much dismayed when they find them in the midst of love-making.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond/007

Bill Nighy - M

Hugh Laurie - Q

Kelly Reilly - Miss Monnepenny

Edward Norton - Felix Leiter

Olga Fonda - Anya Amasova

Stellan Skarsgard - Karl Stromberg

Michael Shannon - Jaws

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