007: Quantum of Solace is the next James Bond film starring Michael Fassbender as James Bond.


The film begins in London, with Bond chasing a man named Mitchell across the city. He catches up to him and they fall through the roof of an under construction building, where Bond kills Mitchell. 

Afterwards, Bond searches Mitchell's flat and finds some tagged bank notes, through which Bond learns that Mitchell had a contact in Haiti. Bond travels to a Haitan hotel to investigate the contact, Edmund Slate. While he snoops around, Slate arrives and the two fight, leading to Bond killing Slate with a piece of broken glass.

Bond leaves the hotel, assuming Slate's identity and picking up a briefcase held for him at the front desk. As Bond leaves, he is picked up by a beautiful woman named Camille Rivera. Bond examines the case and realises that Slate was a hitman sent to kill Camille. Camille then kicks Bond out of the car.

Bond continues to follow Camille's car and witnesses her meeting with her boyfriend, a man named Dominic Greene. Greene is the chairman of the ecological organization Greene Planet. While observing the meeting, Bond learns more about Greene and his intentions.

Greene is working with General Medrano, a Bolivian general, to overthrow the Bolivian government in exchange for what seems to be a worthless piece of barren land. 

Bond then follows Greene to an opera performance of Tosca and continues to spy on him. As Bond is leaving, Greene's men suddenly appear and attack him. Bond fights them off and knocks one of them over the roof, where he lands in front of Greene's car. Greene has his driver, Elvis, kill the man as he has seen his face before leaving. 

Bond next meets up with his contact, Yusef Kabira, who agrees to travel with him to La Paz in Bolivia to further investigate Greene's sinister intentions. Once there, they are greeted at the airport by MI6 officer Strawberry Fields, with whom Bond checks into a luxury hotel suite, where they make love.

Later, Bond attends a fund raiser held by Greene, where he once again runs into Camille. He is surprised to see her bad mouthing Greene to potential donors. The two leave together in Bond's car, where Camille explains that she is actually working against Greene. Her family was murdered when she was younger by General Medrano, and she is only getting close to Greene to take revenge. Suddenly, the car is stopped by the Bolivian police, who force Bond to open the car boot, revealing a beaten and bloodied Kabira within. Unexpectedly, the police leave without helping him, and Kabira soon dies in Bond's arms. Camille warns Bond that the police are corrupt and are most likely in league with Greene. 

The following day, Bond and Camille make their way to Greene's intended land acquisition, found in the middle of the desert. They take a Douglas DC-3 plane and fly over the area to survey, only to be attacked and shot down. They hide in a large sinkhole, and Greene's agents presume them dead. Here, they find that Greene is damming the fresh water supply of Bolivia.

Bond returns to La Paz, where he meets M and other MI6 agents, who explained that Agent Fields is dead. Bond enters their room and finds her naked body covered in cruel oil, in which she was drowned. M tells Bond to cease his operations in Bolivia, and that he will assign him to a different mission. Bond refuses and escapes the hotel. The other agents prepare to give chase, but M tells them not to bother, before quietly wishing Bond luck.

Bond heads to a local bar to cool off and encounters his old friend, CIA agent Felix Leiter. Leiter explains that both the American and British governments have agreed to work with Greene because they think he has control over the Bolivian oil supply. Leiter then discloses that Greene and Medrano will be meeting at the Perla des las Dunas, an eco-friendly hotel run by green in the Atacama Desert.

At the hotel, Greene is seen paying off the corrupt police chief Carlos, before Medrano arrives. Greene forces Medranot sign a contract granting Greene Planet utilities on the water, making Greene's company the sole proprietor of fresh water in Bolivia and enabling Greene to make a profit due to the inflated prices. Medrano is disgusted, but left without much choice. He then proceeds to get drunk and drags a maid into a room, planning to rape her.

Outside, as Chief Carlos is departing, Bond appears and attacks his vehicle, killing his men and knocking him out. Bond then storms the hotel and a firefight begins. Camille interrupts Medrano's rape attempt and a struggle begins between the two. Bond shoots a fuel tank, igniting a fire which quickly consumes the hotel. As Bond wrestles with Greene, a gunshot comes from the room where Medrano and Camille are. Greene taunts Bond, telling him that yet another woman has died because of him. Bond throws Greene aside and kicks the door in, only to find Camille clutching a gun and Medrano dead on the floor. Greene escapes to the roof.

On the roof, Greene runs towards a helicopter piloted by Elvis. Bond and Camille arrive and kill the rest of Greene's men. In the chaos, a stray bullet hits Greene in the leg. As he crawls towards the helicopter, it begins to take off without him. Bond runs up to Greene and kils him with a fire axe before shooting Elvis, causing the helicopter to plunge into the building and explode. Bond and Camille jump clear of the fireball.

Afterwards, Bond drives Chief Carlos out into the desert and leaves him there, giving him only a can of motor oil. Bond drives Camille to the train station, where she muses as to what she'll do with her life now that her revenge is complete. The two share a passionate kiss before parting ways.

Bond returns to England and finds himself back where the adventure started; outside Mitchell's flat. He meets M, who tells him he is welcome back to the service, but Bond replies that he never left. M tells Bond that Carlos was found dead in the desert with motor oil in his stomach, and asks Bond if he knows anything about it. Bond says that he doesn't and walks away, dropping Fields' necklace into the snow as he leaves.


  • Michael Fassbender - James Bond
  • Bill Nighy - M
  • Kelly Reilly - Miss Moneypenny
  • Edward Norton - Felix Leiter
  • Gal Gadot - Camille Rivera
  • Emily Blunt - Strawberry Fields
  • Mark Strong - Dominic Greene
  • Joaquim de Almeida - General Medrano
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