007: Moonraker is a 2017 film and a sequel to 007: Live and Let Die (2015 film).


Sir Hugo Drax has created new rocket technology for Britain and is planning to demonstrate his new shuttle, Moonraker, to the British people. However, a Ministry of Supply security officer working on the project is shot and killed, so MI6 agent James Bond 007 is assigned by his superior, M, to replace him and investigate Drax's construction base.

Bond becomes suspicious of Holly Goodhead, Drax's personal assistant, and begins to think she may have killed the officer and is going to sabotage the launch. However, when he confronts her he learns that she is in fact an NSA undercover agent. The two team up to investigate the murder, learning along the way that Drax owns a personal submarine which has been kept secret. Bond deduces that Drax himself was behind the killing when the man uncovered the submarine's existence.

While snooping around the Dover cliffs, Bond and Holly grow close, when suddenly Drax triggers a landslide and they are forced to dive into the water. They are seperated, however, and Holly is captured. Drax presumes Bond to be dead, much to Holly's horror, and has her taken away.

Bond returns to London and along with a number of other MI6 staff, examines his findings. They are shocked to learn that Drax plans to fire the Moonraker at London itself. Bond sets out to return to Drax's base, rescue Holly and foil his plan.

However, Bond encounters Drax's brutal henchman Krebbs and is subsequently captured and tied up alongside Holly beneath the rocket's booster engines. Drax explains that he works for a mysterious organization who Bond has faced before (in 007: Dr. No) and they have played the stock market so as to make a huge profit from the iminent disaster. Drax tells Bond that due to his interference, he has had to move up the rocket's launch, and will fire it now as opposed to during a public display. Drax leaves on his submarine with some of his men.

Bond manages to cut himself free, but as he tries to free Holly, he attracts Krebb's unwanted attention. However, Bond shoots him with a hidden wrist device and then frees Holly. The alter the rocket's coordinates so that instead of hitting London, it crashes into the ocean. However, Bond pinpoints the location of Drax's submarine and fires the Moonraker at it, killing Drax.

Afterwards, M congratulates Bond and Holly on their success. Bond offers to take Holly out for a drink, but she reveals that she is engaged to a fellow NSA agent. Bond wishes her well and they part ways.

Elsewhere, the organization Drax was working for is revealed, featuring an octopus as their logo. A female member reports to the organization's leader that Drax has been killed and the Moonraker destroyed. The leader inquires as to who was responsible, and the woman replies that it was Bond. The leader tells her that it is time to take care of him.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond/007

Bill Nighy - M

Hugh Laurie - Q

Kelly Reilly - Miss Monneypenny

Mila Kunis - Holly Goodhead

Michael C. Hall - Sir Hugo Drax

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