007: Live and Let Die is the 2015 prequel to 007: Dr. No (2013 film).


Within the space of a few hours, three MI6 agents are murdered while investigating Mr Big, a mysterious drug runner and dictator of a small Carribean island, San Monique.

James Bond 007 is summoned by his superior, M, who sends him to New York to investigate the first murder. 

Once in the Big Apple, Bond's driver is shot dead by a passing motorist and the car veers off the road. Bond manages to dive clear of the crash before it can claim his life. In the confusion, the car of his attacker also crashes. Bond rushes to the burning vehicle but finds the driver already dead.

A trace on the car's licence plate leads Bond to the Fillet of Soul, a chain of restaraunts spread throughout the United States. Here, Bond meets Dr Kananga, the owner of the chain, and his psychic girlfriend, Solitaire. Solitaire uses tarot cards to predict Bond's future, which turns up death. Kananga agrees to help Bond in defeating Mr Big, when suddenly Big's men storm in and try to kill Bond. Bond escapes, but Kananga and Solitaire are seemingly killed.

Bond then flies to San Monique and meets a fisherman named Quarrel, who is revealed to be working with Bond's ally, CIA agent Felix Leiter. Quarrel leads Bond to Solitaire's home, where he is surprised to find her alive. She explains that Big's men kidnapped her and tortured Kananga. They then decide to honour Kananga's final wish to spare her life before taking his, and she was released. Bond used a deck of tarot cards to trick Solitaire and seduces her, taking her virginity. Unfortuanetly, she loses her psychic ability.

Bond realises that they are in danger and convinces Solitaire to flee San Monique with him. However, they are captured while trying to make their escape and are brought before Mr Big. Big then shockingly reveals himself to be Kananga. Kananga reveals that his plan is to distribute free heroin through Fillet of Soul, which will create more addicts and run other drug lords out of business. Afterwards, he will raise the price of heroin, giving him a total monopoly on the drug market. On San Monique, he controls a large poppy field where he grows the heroin. He keeps the locals away using the impression of voodoo magic with the help of his henchman, witch doctor Baron Samedi. Then, using this fear, Kananga was able to take control of the island for himself.

When Kananga learns that Solitaire has lost her psychic powers, he sentences her to death and she is dragged away to be sacrificed by Baron Samedi as an example in front of the terrified islanders. After Kanaga leaves, Bond escapes and knocks out his henchman, the hook handed Tee-Hee, and then sets out to rescue Solitaire. 

In front of the crowd of onlookers, Bond exposes the black magic as a fraud, enticing something of a rebellion. Bond then frees Solitaire and chases the fleeing Samedi, where a final showdown ensues. He eventually shoots the villain and knocks him into a pit of quicksand, drowning him. Meanwhile, Leiter and Quarrel set fire to the poppy fields, destroying Kananga's production plant.

With his business in ruins as well as his rule over the island, Kananga tries to escape on a boat. Bond pursues him and they engage in a final fight, culminaing in the boat exploding. Bond dives clear and quickly swims to safety, while Kananga survives only to be devoured by sharks.

The mission complete, Leiter puts Bond and Solitaire on a train. Suddenly, Tee-Hee reappears, having smuggled himself on board. He and Bond wrestle in their cabin, culminating in Tee-Hee being left dangling from the window, holding on with only his hook. His hook finally comes loose and falls off, sending Tee-Hee to his doom. The film ends with Bond comforting Solitaire.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond/007

Bill Nighy - M

Hugh Laurie - Q

Kelly Reilly - Miss Moneypenny

Edward Norton - Felix Leiter

Djimon Hounsou - Quarrel

Marion Cottilard - Solitaire

Idris Elba - Dr. Kananga/Mr. Big

Tony Todd - Baron Samedi

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