007: Licence Revoked is an upcoming remake of the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill. Licence Revoked stars Michael Fassbender as Bond, who sets out on a revenge mission after his best friend, Felix Leiter, is maimed by a powerful drug kingpin. Along the way, he goes rogue from MI6 and teams up with the crime lord's reluctant lover. The score to the film was provided by Alexandre Desplat. In stark contrast to the original Licence to Kill, which was the lowest grossing James Bond movie, Licence Revoked is currently the fourth most successful installment at the box office.


The US Coast Guard detects a sea plane flying into Florida's Cray Key, and recognize it as that of elusive drug kingpin Franz Sanchez. A helicopter is dispatcher to retrieve “Agent Leiter.”

On a nearby highway, CIA agent Felix Leiter is being driven to his wedding with his best man, MI6 agent James Bond, and fisherman friend Sharkey. The Coast Guard helicopter touches down nearby and requests that Felix come with them. Realizing that this is his chance to finally nab Sanchez, Felix decides to take it and departs along with Bond, leaving Sharkey to stall the wedding.

In Cray Key, Sanchez and his men kill a guard and enter a house. Inside, a woman and her lover lie in bed. Sanchez storms in and orders that his henchman Dario cut the man's heart out. The woman is revealed to be Sanchez' girlfriend Lupe Lamora, who he beats with a stingray tail as punishment.

As Sanchez and his crew are departing, the Coast Guard arrives. Sanchez flees into the greenery while his men fight the Coast Guard. Suddenly, Sanchez' sea plane takes off out of the trees. Bond and Felix leap into the chopper and head off after him. They attach a skyhook to the plane, suspending it, before Felix and fellow agent Hawkins leap onto it. In the ensuing brawl, Sanchez' remaining men are killed, but Hawkins is shot by Sanchez. Felix handcuffs Sanchez to him, punches him out and then ejects them from the plane, which subsequently drops into the ocean. After handing Sanchez over to the Coast Guard, Bond and Felix hover over the church and leap out. Bond's parachute fails but Felix grabs hold of him and they land safely.

Later, Sanchez is being transported across the Seven Mile Bridge in a prison van. He asks one of the guards sitting with him for a cigarette, but the man replies that he should get used to the lack of smoke as where he's going, he won't taste them for a very long time. Sitting in the front, the driver is waffling to Ed Killifer about a football game on the previous night. Suddenly, Killifer smashes the driver in the face with the butt of his rifle, causing the van to swerve and go over the side of the bridge, plunging into the water. The guards are left to drown, while Killifer and Sanchez are picked up by a submarine captained by Milton Krest.

Felix and his bride Della prepare to retire for the night, but not before giving Bond a gift; an engraved lighter with the words “Love Always, Felix and Della.” Della says that Bond will have to get married next, but he looks hurt and politely turns down the idea before heading off with one of the bridemaids. Della asks Felix what's wrong, and he explains that Bond was married once, a long time ago, but it didn't end well.

When Felix and Della enter their honeymoon home, they are accosted by Dario and his men, who pin Della down on the bed and drag Felix out of the room. Felix is taken to a marine warehouse, where he is confronted by Sanchez. Sanchez opens a trap door beneath him and drops Felix into a shark tank, where a Great White bites through his leg.

The following morning, as Bond lies in bed with the bridesmaid, he receives a phone call from MI6 secretary Miss Moneypenny, telling him to report to Istanbul for an assignment. Bond heads to the airport, but as he is checking in, he notices that there is an alert out. He asks the check-in girl what's happening, and she tells him that a drug lord has escaped custody. Bond rushes to a payphone and calls the Leiter residence, but only gets their answering machine. He leaves the airport but is unable to flag down a taxi, so he starts running.

He eventually arrives at the Leiter house and finds Della's naked corpse on the bed. In the on suite, he finds Leiter packed into a suitcase and dumped in the bath tub with a note pinned to him reading “He disagreed with something that ate him.” Felix is taken to the hospital, where he is placed in a medically induced coma.

Bond meets with Sharkey, who tells him that Sanchez has returned to his home in the Republic of Isthmus, a non-extradition South American country. The CIA are refusing to pursue him as he is out of their jurisdiction, infuriating Bond. The doctors inform them that they believe Felix's leg was cut off with a chainsaw, but Sharkey knows a shark bite when he sees one. He and Bond decide to visit some local aquariums, leading them to the Ocean Exotica run by Milton Krest. Krest tells them that he no longer houses a Great White, but Bond does not believe him.

Later that night, Bond and Sharkey return to the Ocean Exotica warehouse. Sharkey discovers an underground tunnel and parts with Bond to explore, while Bond searches the warehouse. He is accosted by two guards, who shoot at him, but he overpowers and dispatches them. Bond is then cornered by Killifer, who is waiting for Krest to pick him up. Killifer unveils the hidden shark tank, but before he can kill Bond, Sharkey opens a floor hatch that Killifer is standing on, causing him to fall into the shark tank. Killifer grabs hold of some chains and offers to split his money with Bond. Bond picks up the case the money is in and coldly says “You earned it, you keep it, old buddy.” He then throws the case at Killifer, knocking him into the water where the shark bites him in half.

The next morning, Bond tells Sharkey to meet him down at the docks to investigate Krest's submarine, the Wavekrest. A woman then drives up to Bond and tells him to get in. Bond does so and the woman drives him to Hemmingway House, where he is received by some MI6 agents. Bond goes inside and meets with his superior, M, who chides him for killing Killifer and the other two guards. She insists that Bond go to Istanbul for his next mission, but Bond refuses and declares that he will resign from MI6. After M revokes his licence to kill, Bond leaps over the balcony and escapes. M quietly whispers “Godspeed, 007.”

Bond heads down to the docks and sneaks onto the Wavekrest. He finds Lupe sleeping nude in the captain's quarters, but she tells him that Sanchez is not on board. Krest arrives to check up on Lupe, but she covers for Bond and then tells him to leave before he gets them both killed. They then watch from a window as a diving patrol arrives. Bond spots Sharkey's body, displayed like a trophy. The patrol leader informs Krest that he killed Sharkey after he caught him snooping around the property. Lupe is disgusted by this, but Bond tells her that she chose to be a drug lord's mistress. She asks him if he ever thought that maybe she doesn't have a choice. Bond then sneaks up on the patrol leader and kills him with a harpoon. When Krest finds him, he orders his body, along with Sharkey's, to be dumped in the ocean.

Bond retrieves Felix's laptop and looks up a list of CIA informants who have infiltrated Sanchez's empire. Only one of them is still alive; an ex-army pilot named Pam Bouvier. Bond meets up with her in a sleazy Bimini bar. Dario enters and sits down with them, telling Pam that he wants to hire her for a smuggling job, but Pam knows this is a set up so that Dario can kill her. She pulls a shotgun on Dario but he knocks it out of her hand and is discharges. A barroom brawl then ensues, during which Bond smashes Dario's face through a table full of empty glasses. He and Pam then escape in a boat. Bond then asks Pam to fly him to Isthmus City to hunt down Sanchez. Pam agrees as she wants revenge for the attempt on her life.

Bond and Pam rent a room at the luxurious Casino de Isthmus hotel. While Pam gets a drink, Bond joins a black jack game and easily defeats the pit bosses. However, Lupe then appears and ends Bond's winning streak. She demands Bond leave Isthmus as going after Sanchez is too dangerous, but Bond does not listen. He and Pam then learn that a man claiming to Bond's uncle has checked in at the hotel. Bond arms himself and storms into his room, where he finds his “uncle” is actually Q, who has come to assist him behind M's back. Later, while Bond is in the shower, he is joined by Pam and they make love.

The next night, Bond makes his way to the roof of a building adjacent to the casino, where he watches Sanchez paying off President Hector Lopez. He sets up a sniper rifle and takes aim at Sanchez' head. Before he takes the fatal shot, Bond is disarmed by Fallon, the MI6 officer stationed in Isthmus. This causes the gun to misfire and miss Sanchez. Fallon takes Bond to his safehouse, where he tells him that he has been ordered to bring Bond in. As Fallon is about to drug Bond, Sanchez' head of security Colonel Heller and his troops bombard the safehouse with artillery. Sanchez then arrives and finds Fallon trapped under the rubble. He executes him, while Bond passes out.

The following morning, Bond awakens to find himself in a lush bedroom surrounded by naked women. Sanchez enters and reveals that this is the Olympatec Meditation Institute, Sanchez's health retreat. He is thankful for Bond saving his life, telling him that they sent Fallon home in the diplomatic bag. Bond decides to go along with this and offers his services to Sanchez. Sanchez informs him that he has learned that one of his operatives is a CIA informant and has sent Heller to deal with them. Bond realizes that Pam is in danger. He tries to slip away, but is unable to. Eventually, Lupe smuggles him out while heading out on one of her shopping trips and they return to the city.

Lupe drops Bond off at the hotel, where he finds Pam dead. Heller appears behind him and realizes that Bond is an agent. Q sneaks into the room from across the hall and uses one of his gadgets to disarm Heller. Bond then turns the gun on him and executes him to avenge Pam. He thanks Q for his help and then orders him to leave the city. Q wishes him luck in his vendetta and leaves. Bond returns to OMI, where Sanchez is meeting with Krest. Sanchez reprimands Krest for trusting Pam when she was a double agent and turns up the heat of the water in the jacuzzi behind Krest. Sanchez then pushes Krest into the water and holds him down, boiling him to death. However, Sanchez' hands are also badly scalded, but he shrugs it off. Meanwhile, Q arrives at the airport, only to be confronted by MI6 agents.

Sanchez takes Bond to his secret cocaine factory, hidden beneath the spa. Bond learns that Sanchez is dissolving cocaine in petrol and smuggling it across the world in tankers, allowing him to create and international cartel. Bond offers to assist on the next shipment, which is to go out in an hour. However, Dario arrives and recognizes Bond from the bar, thus betraying him to Sanchez. Bond headbutts Dario and starts a fire, prompting Sanchez and his accountant, William Truman-Lodge, to flee with the tankers while Dario fights Bond. Dario pushes Bond onto a conveyor belt and gains the upper hand, until Lupe appears and shoots Dario with his own gun, causing him to fall into the cocaine grinder. Lupe then deactivates the machine and she and Bond flee outside. As the OMI burns to the ground, Bond decides to pursue Sanchez and heads off.

An intense chase then ensues across a desert highway, where Bond destroys three of the four tankers. Truman-Lodge congratulates Sanchez on “another eighty million dollar write-off,” prompting Sanchez to kill him. Sanchez then commandeers the final tanker, which Bond leaps onto. He manages to climb into the front cab, where Sanchez tries to kill him with his machete. The truck swerves and careens off the road, crashing down the side of a hill.

Sanchez crawls out of the wreckage and attacks Bond, brutally beating him. He eventually pushes onto a rock and raises his machete to finish him, saying “You could have had the world.” Bond pulls the lighter Felix and Della gave him earlier from his pocket and replies “The world is not enough.” He then lights the fuel trail and kicks Sanchez in the crotch, allowing him to roll out of the way while the drug lord goes up in flames. The tanker then explodes, throwing Bond onto the ground and breaking his arm. Despite this, when Bond realizes that his vendetta is complete and his friend has been avenged, he begins to laugh to himself. Lupe then arrives in a jeep to retrieve Bond and hugs him.

Later, a party is thrown is Sanchez' former residence. Lupe sees Bond flirting with two girls at the bar, who sign his cast, and slips away outside. Bond sees this and is about to follow when M enters, surrounded by MI6 agents, as well as Chief of Staff Bill Tanner and a sheepish looking Q. As they approach Bond, Lopez runs up to them to welcome them, only to be tased and arrested. Bond requests that before M arrests him, she at least have the courtesy to let him finish his drink. M surprisingly replies that she is offering Bond his old job back, which Bond accepts. M brings further good news; Felix is out of his coma and is making a good recovery. She then asks Bond if he's going to buy them all drinks. Bond says that he will shortly, but excuses himself first.

Outside, Lupe sits alone by the pool. Suddenly, she hears a splash and whirls around to see Bond floating in the pool, having jumped in from the promenade. He pulls her with him and they kiss while M, Q and Tanner watch.

Cast and Characters

  • Michael Fassbender as James Bond 007, an MI6 agent with a licence to kill who goes rogue in order to take down drug lord Franz Sanchez.
  • Patricia Velasquez as Lupe Lamora, Sanchez' mistress and later Bond's main love interest.
  • Antonio Banderas as Franz Sanchez, the most powerful crime boss in South America and the object of Bond's vendetta.
  • Rebecca Hall as Pam Bouvier, an ex-army pilot and CIA informant who assits Bond in his crusade.
  • Edgar Ramirez as Dario, Sanchez' main henchman.
  • Titus Welliver as Colonel James Heller, an ex-Green Beret who now acts as Sanchez' head of security, supplying him with his own personal militia.
  • Scott Speedman as William Truman-Lodge, Sanchez' slimy accountant.
  • Steve Buscemi as Milton Krest, the captain of the Wavekrest.
  • Anthony Mackie as Felix Leiter, a CIA agent and Bond's best friend.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Della Churchill/Leiter, Felix's bride.
  • Louis Gossett, Jr. as Sharkey, Felix's retired mentor at the CIA and close fisherman friend.

Other cast members include Helen Mirren as M (Olivia Mansfield), David Jason as Q (Major Boothroyd), Kelly Reilly as Miss Moneypenny and Ewan McGregor as Bill Tanner. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who appeared in the original Licence to Kill as Hong Kong Narcotics detective Kwang, has a small role as a drug lord who wants to buy from Sanchez. Julian McMahon appears as Fallon, the MI6 officer tasked with subduing Bond in Isthmus. January Jones has a cameo as the bridesmaid Bond beds at the beginning of the film.

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