007: From a View to a Kill is an upcoming remake of the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill. From a View to a Kill stars Michael Fassbender as Bond, who clashes with a psychopathic American industrialist who is plotting to submerge California's Silicon Valley underwater forever. Along the way, he teams up with the San Francisco Deputy Chief Geologist. The score to the film was provided by Alexandre Desplat. In stark contrast to the original A View to a Kill, which is consistenly ranked as one of the worst James Bond movies, From a View to a Kill received mostly positive reviews.


James Bond 007 is sent to Siberia to find agent 003, who has gone missing while on an undercover operation. 003 was investigating the theft of a helicopter designed with withstand a magnetic pulse, which was stolen by a Chechen terrorist group. Bond locates 003's body buried under a snowbank and recovers a locket from his corpse. Opening the locket, he finds a microchip hidden within. Suddenly, he is shot at by the terrorists. Bond escapes on skis while the villains pursue him in the stolen chopper. Bond eventually defeats them by firing his flare gun into the helicopter cockpit, causing it to crash and explode. He then escapes in a submarine disguised as an iceberg with MI6 agent Kimberely Jones. Bond seduces Jones.

Returning to London, Bond is met at MI6 by his superior M, along with Minister of Defence Sir Frederick Gray and Q, who explains that he traced the microchip to Zorin Industries, an American government contractor. Bond is introduced to Henry Tibbett, a older MI6 agent, who tells him that the company's owner, Max Zorin, is holding a horse sale at his private estate in Paris. Bond is assigned to investigate him.

When Bond and Tibbett arrive at Zorin's estate (with Tibbett posing as Bond's driver), they are greeted by Zorin's publicist and girlfriend Jenny Flex. They also meet Zorin's chief of security, Venz, and physician, Dr Carl Mortner. Finally, Bond meets Zorin himself. Later that night, Bond and Tibbett go snooping around and sneak into Zorin's stables. They uncover an underground warehouse, where Zorin is assembling what appears to be a small bomb. They are caught by some guards, but Bond dispatches him. The final guard gets the drop on Bond and is about to kill him when Tibbett shoots him with a nail gun.

When Bond tries to return to his room, he runs afoul of some patrolling guards. Suddenly, Flex appears and kisses him, prompting the guards to leave. They go back to Bond's room, where Bond tells Flex that she should stay with him to keep up the charade that they are lovers. Flex agrees and then removes her dress. Now completely naked, she gets into bed with Bond and proceeds to make love to him.

The following morning, Tibbett takes the car into town to get it washed while Zorin invites Bond to a horse race on Zorin's personal course. However, this is a ruse by Zorin to try and kill Bond, who is aware of his intrusion into the stables. Bond escapes to a nearby road, where he runs into Tibbett. They get into the car and a thrilling chase ensues across the quiet country roads between Bond, Tibbett and Venz, with Zorin following on his horse. At the last second, Tibbett swerves the car around as Venz smashes into it, t-boning the car into a lake. As it begins to quickly sink to the bottom, Bond escapes, sadly realizing that Tibbett was killed in the collision. Bond swims to safety and swears to avenge his friend.

Bond travels to San Francisco and meets up with his CIA counterpart, Felix Leiter. Leiter explains to Bond that Zorin is a psychopath, a product of genetic experimentation by Nazi scientist Hans Glaub, who now goes by the name Carl Mortner. That night, Bond goes to investigate one of Zorin's oil rigs, only to find that two other activists have beaten him to the punch. One of them secretly records a conversation Zorin is having with Venz and Flex, while the other tries to plant a mine. He is captured and forced by Zorin to disarm the bomb before Venz kills him. Bond follows the other activist back to shore and learns that they are actually a beautiful woman. Bond steals the recording she took and flees.

Bond listens to the tape and hears Zorin discussing “Project Main Strike” which is to go ahead in three days. Bond goes to San Francisco City Hall, posing as a reporter, where he questions chief geologist W.G. Howe about Zorin's submitted plans. Howe is uncooperative as, unknown to Bond, he is on Zorin's payroll. As Bond is leaving, he spots the woman from the previous night going into Howe's office. He tails her and follows her home, but she gets the drop on him and corners him with a shotgun. Suddenly, an assassin appears at the window. Bond grabs the gun from the woman and shoots the man, while more henchmen storm in downstairs. Bond fights them off with some help from the woman, who then introduces herself as Stacey Sutton. Stacey explains that she is the Deputy Chief Geologist and was unhappy with the plans Zorin submitted to Howe. Now, Zorin wants her dead because she knows too much.

After Bond spends the night watching over Stacey, they go back to City Hall. Stacey challenges Howe over Zorin's plans, resulting in her getting fired. Stacey then takes Bond on a tour of San Francisco, and the two grow close, eventually sleeping together. That night, they return to City Hall, using Stacey's security pass to break in and find Zorin's files. However, they are then confronted by Zorin, Flex and Venz, who bring them to Howe. Zorin kills Howe with Bond's gun and then traps Bond and Stacey in an elevator before setting the building on fire. They escape, but the police attempt to arrest Bond for Howe's murder, revealing Bond's true identity to Stacey in the process. The two then escape in a stolen fire engine and sleep in it that night.

Following on from what they found in Zorin's plans, Bond and Stacey visit a mine, owned by Zorin, near Silicon Valley. After infiltrating the mine, they figure out that Zorin is going to detonate explosives along the Hayward and San Andreas faults, which will result in the flooding of Sillicon Valley. This will allow Zorin to corner the microchip market and gain a monopoly. Just then, Zorin discovers them and they are forced to flee into the mine shaft. Flex pursues them, while Zorin decides to time to blow the mine. Despite protests by the mine foreman, Zorin detonates explosives hidden in a canister placed by Venz in a mine cart. He and Zorin then proceed to machine gun down the mine workers. Bond helps Stacey to climb out of the mine through a hatch before he and Flex fall into the water and are swept away.

Zorin and Venz abandon the mine, planning to make their escape in Zorin's airship with Mortner. However, they entcounter Stacey and kidnap her. In the mine, Bond swims through the carnage, depserately searching for any survivors. Just as he gives up hope, Flex bursts out of the water. However, rather than attack him, she hugs him. Now wanting revenge on Zorin for betraying her, Flex helps Bond remove the final bomb from the mine. They attempt to push it out of the mine on a mine cart, only to find the handbreak broken. This forces Flex to push it out manually. She shouts to Bond “Get Zorin for me!” before the bomb detonates, killing her.

Zorin, having witnessed his master plan being foiled, flees in the airship with Stacey, Venz and Mortner. Bond, spotting Stacey through a window in the airship, pursues them on a motorcyle and eventually leaps from the bike onto the blimp's mooring rope. As they fly past the Golden Gate Bridge, Bond ties the rope to the framework, mooring the blimp to the bridge. Stacey then bashes Venz over the head with a fire extinguisher. They struggle and Venz' gun goes off, killing him. Stacey then climbs onto the bridge, only for Zorin to try and push her off. As she barely clings on for dear life, Zorin attacks Bond with a fire axe. Zorin gains the upper hand and is about to kill Bond when Stacey grabs his foot, causing him to lose his balance and fall. Unable to get a secure grip, Zorin plummets to his death.

Mortner, watching his protege falls to his demise, decides to try and kill Bond with a grenade. Just as he pulls the pin out, Bond cuts the mooring rope with the axe, causing Morter to drop the grenade. The grenade then explodes, blowing the zeppelin to pieces and killing Mortner. Bond and Stacey are then rescued by the police, who have cleared Bond's name in Howe's killing.

Back in London, M has his secretary, Miss Moneypenny, write a fake news story stating that Max Zorin killed himself by jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge. He then joins Minister Gray and Q as they search for Bond. Q identifies Bond's heat signature in Stacey's house, then detects Stacey's heat signature underneath him. As Gray becomes outraged, Q turns the feed off, lying that it must of been a bug.


  • Michael Fassbender as James Bond, MI6 agent 007.
  • Yvonne Strahovski as Stacey Sutton, the San Francisco Deputy Chief Geologist and Bond's main love interest.
  • Guy Pearce as Max Zorin, a psychopathic microchip industrialist.
  • Billie Piper as Jenny Flex, Zorin's publicist and lover.
  • Til Schweiger as Venz, Zorin's chief of security.
  • Jurgen Prochnow as Dr Hans Glaub/Carl Mortner, an ex-Nazi scientist who now poses as Zorin's physician and father figure.
  • Warren Clarke as Henry Tibbett, an older MI6 agent who goes undercover as Bond's chauffeur.
  • Anthony Mackie as Felix Leiter, a CIA agent and Bond's best friend.

Other cast members include Helen Mirren as M (Olivia Mansfield), David Jason as Q (Major Boothroyd), Kelly Reilly as Miss Moneypenny, Martin Freeman as Bill Tanner and Bill Nighy as Frederick Gray. Eric Bogosian cameos as W.G. Howe, the San Francisco State Geologist who is Stacey's boss and Zorin's henchman. Amy Willerton has a small appearance as Kimberely Jones, the MI6 agent who Bond seduces in the pre-title sequence.

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