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007: From Russia With Love is 2019 spy film and a sequel to 007: Moonraker.


Seeking retaliation for the death of Hugo Drax as well other operatives such as Julius No, the organization known as SPECTRE decides to kill British agent James Bond 007 and strike a deafening blow against MI6.

SPECTRE's Number One assigns mathematical genius Kronsteen to the project, as well Number Three, Colonel Rosa Klebb. Together, they devise a plot.

MI6 is contacted by Tatiana Romanova, a Russian cipher clerk who wishes to defect, promising to bring with her a Lektor decoder device. However, she is will only bring the Lektor if Bond himself comes to pick her up from Istanbul, as he is the only man capable of keeping her safe from assassins.

Bond flies to Istanbul and meets the head of the British service station in Istanbul, Ali Kerim Bey, and strikes up a frindship with him. Kerim takes Bond to a gypsy camp for dinner to show him more of the city's culture, but the camp is invaded by armed men sent by Kerim's enemy, Bulgarian rogue Krilencu. Bond and Kerim fight the forces off and save the camp. As thanks, two beatuiful gypsy girls are sent to Bond's tent during the night.

The following day, Bond and Kerim make plans to take care of Krilencu. They deduce that Krilencu has learned of Tatiana's supposed defection and wants to Lektor for himself, hoping to sell it to the highest bidder. That night, the duo find Krilencu's living quarters and a fight breaks out, culminating in Krilencu falling to his death. 

Upon return to the hotel, Bond sees someone climbing into his bed. He enters the room and finds Tatiana lying neaked in his bed, waiting for him. The two proceed to make love, unaware that the mirror above them is a two way mirror, and they are being secretly recorded by a camera.

The next morning, Bond, Tatiana and Kerim go to the Russian consulate to orchestrate a heist and steal the Lektor. Along the way, they are followed by a Russian agent. The man is then killed by an unseen assailant. Bond finds his body during the theft. After successfully swiping the Lektor, the trio make their escape on board the Orient Express.

On the train, Bond finds a Russian security officer snooping around his room and knocks him out. Kerim takes him to his cabin to interrogate him. Soon, Bond is alerted by cries in the corridor and arrives to find that both the officer and Kerim have been murdered, much to his horror. While Tatiana consoles Bond, the train passes through Zagreb. A unknown man is seen being killed in the station by an unseen attacker.

As the train departs, Bond meets Agent Nash of MI6, who tells him that M send him as extra security due to Kerim's death. Bond, Nash and Tatiana all dine together, and when they others aren't looking, Nash spikes Tatiana's drink. Upon return to their cabin, Tatiana passes out, and after Bond puts her to bed, Nash pulls a gun on him, and explains what has been happening.

Nash is actually Donovan Grant, a vicious assassin hired to kill Bond as part of SPECTRE's plan (this is also the first time Bond learns the name of the organization). Grant kileld the man at the consulate, the security officer, Kerim and real Nash at the station. Klebb persuaded Tatiana to take part, although Tatiana was unaware of the true nature of the plot and thought she was acting on the part of Russia, not SPECTRE. He reveals to Bond that he and Tatiana where filmed at the hotel, and SPECTRE is planning to release the footage to publicly embarass MI6. But first, he will kill Bond and Tatiana, placing the film in her handbag along with a forged note to make the killing look like a murder suicide.

Bond pretents to try and bargain with Grant, telling him that he has a large amount of money in his briefcase. Although Grant has no intetion of letting Bond live, he decides to rob him anyway. However, it is a trick, as the case has been booby trapped by Q Branch so that Grant is sprayed in the face with tear gas. A brutal fist fight and struggle ensues between the two men. Grant gains the upper hand by revealing a garrot hidden in his wristwatch, which he uses to begin strangling Bond. Bond retrieves a knife which was also hidden in the briefcase and stabs Grant in the arm, overpowering him and ultimately strangling him to death.

With Tatiana beginning to regain conciousness, Bond takes her and they escape from the train. They spot a truck driver, who stops by the tracks and begins calling out to Grant, revealing himself as the getaway driver. Bond kills him and he and Tatiana steal the truck. The two are then pursued by a Russian chopper, causing the truck to crash. Bond manages to take the chopper down, destroying it in a fireball. He and Tatiana eventually make it to a dock and commandeer a powerboat.

On board a lavish yacht, SPECTRE's Number One is very unhappy with the sudden turn of events and summons Klebb and Kronsteen. Although Klebb is remorseful for the failure of the plan, Kronsteen remains arrogant and tries to blame Klebb, stating that she messed up his brilliant plan. A large henchman named Morzeny enters as Number One explains that SPECTRE does not tolerate failure. As Klebb begins to silently pray, a poison tipped blade extends itself from Morezeny's boot and he kicks Kronsteen in the ankle, killing him. Number One tells Klebb that she nows has full control of the project, and has one last chance to succeed.

Klebb sends a squad of SPECTRE boats, led by Morzeny, after Bond. A thrilling chase ensues, but Bond drops several fuel tanks into the water and they surround Morzeny's fleet. Bond then fires a signal flare as the tanks, resulting in a huge explosion which wipes the squad out and burns Morzeny to death.

Bond and Tatiana finally arrive in Venice and check into a hotel. Tatiana explains that she has fallen for Bond and is regretful of her actions, now wanting to defect for real. At the hotel, Bond contacts MI6 to inform them that he has secured the Lektor and will return soon. While he is on the phone, Klebb enters the room, disguised as a maid, and tries to steal the Lektor. Bond notices her and she pulls a gun on him, ordering Tatiana to take the Lektor and leave. However, Tatiana instead cracks it over Klebb's head, knocking her gun out of her hand. Klebb then reveals that she is wearing Morzeny's boot and extends the blade. Bond reaches for a chair and manages to push Klebb up against the wall, but she begins to kick at him. Suddenly, Tatiana picks up Bond's gun and shoots Klebb dead, remarking that she was horrible woman.

Bond and Tatiana take a gondola ride through Venice, during which Bond explains that while they must now go their seperate ways, he hopes to work with her again in the future, and that they should also make the most of the time they have left together. As they begin to kiss, Bond reveals the recording of he and Tatiana in the hotel and throws it into the canal. 


Michael Fassbender - James Bond/007

Bill Nighy - M

Hugh Laurie - Q

Kelly Reilly - Miss Moneypenny

Milla Jovovich - Tatiana Romanova

Alisa Freindlich - Rosa Klebb

Rhys Ifans - Donovan Grant