007: Dr. No is a 2013 James Bond film.


John Strangways, a British Intelligence Officer, and his secretary are simultaneously murdered by a trio of assassins known as the Three Blind Mice in Kingston, Jamaica. 

James Bond 007, a British Secret Service Agent, is briefed on the disappearance of Strangways in the office of his superior M before being dispatched to Jamaica to investigate.

After arriving in the airport, Bond is picked up by a chauffeur and is driven to his beach house accommodation. Whilst snooping around the area, Bond meets a fisherman named Quarrel, who proves uncooperative. During a later encounter, Bond is saved from Quarrel by Felix Leiter, a CIA agent investigating the same case.

Together, they learn that Strangways was investigating the reclusive scientist Julius No, who owns an island called Crab Key which features a guano mine. After arranging with Quarrel to head for the island in the morning, Bond retires to bed. However, as he is sleeping a deadly spider is placed in his bed. Bond manages to kill the spider, an incident which confirms that he is being watched, having already found a basket of poison fruit left in his room. Bond feels that this attempt on his life is retaliation for his previous encounter with a certain Miss Taro; a local secretary who Bond slept with, interrogated, and then had arrested.

The next morning, Bond and Quarrel set sail and soon arrive at Crab Key. While searching the beach for possible evidence, Bond witnesses a beautiful woman emerge naked from the ocean. The woman is at first suspicious of Bond, explaing that she was diving to collect sea shells. After he explains himself and establishes her as an outsider, he introduces himself. The woman reveals her name is Honeychile or Honey Ryder. As she knows the area fairly well, she agrees to help Bond.

They happen upon an inland swamp but are interrupted by a troop of militia marching through. Honey explains that these men belong to Dr No. A small fight breaks out but Bond manages to contain the situation and defeat the soldiers. However, the group are forced to hide out on the island.

As night falls, the group attempt to get back to the boat under the cover of darkness, but end up walking straight into a trap. Quarrel is brutally burned alive by No's men, who then take Bond and Honey captive.

Later that evening, after being forced to shower together as part of a decontamination process, the two are led into a large room where they are given dinner. Unexpectedly, they are joined by Dr No himself. The scientist explains his past to the two; No had worked for the Chinese Tong, a brutal gang, but he planned to escape from them by stealing a large amount of their wealth and then disappearing. The Tong caught him, however, and as punishment, both of his hands where cut off and he was shot through the chest. However, No suffers from a rare condition called dextrocardia, meaning that his heart is located on the right side of his body as opposed to the left. As such, the bullet missed his heart and he survived. He then robbed the Tong blind and vanished without them ever truly figuring out what happened. Retreating to Crab Key, No replaced his hands with mechanical ones. Then, he offered to use his genius as an ally to the West, and then the Soviets, but was rejected. No reveals that he is now in the employ of an unknown organization, using his knowledge of nuclear physics to disrupt an upcoming American space launch.

After dinner, the two are returned to their holding cells. The next morning, Bond escapes and rushes through the complex to stop No's plot. Bond gains access to the control room and overloads the nuclear reactor, forcing the other minions to evacuate the area. Dr No remains to attack Bond and they engage in a final struggle on top of a platform which slowly descends into the reactor. Bond manages to climb out just in time, but due to No's metal hands he is unable to. The villain is last seen disappearing beneath the reactor coolant. 

Bond locates Honey and breaks her out of her cell. Together, they make their way to a life boat and escape as No's island fortress explodes, while at the same time the US rocket is launched without a problem. As they drift through the ocean, waiting for rescue, Bond and Honey begin to have sex in the lifeboat.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond/007

Bill Nighy - M

Hugh Laurie - Q

Kelly Reilly - Miss Moneypenny

Edward Norton - Felix Leiter

Djimon Hounsou - Quarrel

Mia Aegerter - Honeychile "Honey" Ryder

Andy Lau - Julius No

Differences Between the Novel and the Film

  • Dr No's back story is the same as in the novel, whereas in the first film he lost his hands to radiation. 
  • In the novel, Dr No worked for the Russians. In the first film, he worked for SPECTRE. Although he still works for SPECTRE in this film, the organization's name would not be revealed until later in the series.
  • As in the novel, there is no character called Professor Dent who works for Dr No and tries to kill Bond, only to be killed himself. This character only appeared in the first film.
  • In the novel, Bond is nearly killed by a centipede. In both films, he is attacked by a spider.
  • In neither film is there a scene where Bond is forced to go through an obstacle course by Dr No.
  • In both the novel and the first film, Quarrel is killed by a huge buggy which breathes fire, known locally as a dragon. In this film, he is incinerated by Dr No's men.
  • In the novel, Honey is naked when emerging from the sea, the same as in this film. In the original film, she emerges wearing an iconic white bikini.
  • Honey has a deep back story in the novel involving rape and the reason that she collects shells; to sell them in order to pay for a nose job. None of this is present in either film.
  • In the novel, Honey is far more independent then in the original film. She is not as independent in this film, but is still more so then in the first film.
  • In the novel, Dr No is buried under a guano pile and suffocated. In both films, he dies by drowning in his own nuclear reactor.
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