007: Colonel Sun is the next James Bond film starring Michael Fassbender and Byung-hun Lee.


James Bond 007, an agent of MI6, visits his superior, M, at his holiday home in the Aegean Islands. Suddenly, a gang of armed men storm in and violently take M captive. Bond manages to get away, and becomes determined to rescue M and learn what has happened.

Bond's search takes him to a military complex controlled by North Koreans. Bond steals some information from the complex before trying to make his escape. However, he is detected and a chase ensues, during which an explosion knocks Bond into the water, and he is presumed dead.

However, Bond returns to Athens to meet with a number of officials and has the intel translated. Here, it is revealed that the wanted North Korean terrorist, Colonel Sun Liang-tan, is plotting to sabotage an upcoming peace summit and frame M. Suddenly, the consulate is attacked by Sun's men, and a number of the officials are murdered. The only survivors are Bond and Greek agent Ariadne Alexandrou, who team up to foil Sun's plot.

Ariadne contacts an old friend of her father's, Litsas, who agrees to help them. Their search leads them to German Neo Nazi Von Richter, who is working with Sun. However, while Litsas is investigating Von Richter, he is killed by Sun's agents, much to Ariadne's horror.

Bond finally locates Sun's base, but is captured. He is confronted by Sun himself, who reveals himself to have been posing as an aide to the South Korean Prime Minister. Sun explains his plan to Bond; he will have M "programmed" to detonate a bomb strapped to his jacket to destroy the conference venue. Bond warns Sun that he will never get away with it, but Sun simply laughs and leaves Bond to be tortured.

The following morning, the day the summit is to be held, Bond is rescued from the complex by Adriadne, and two make their way toward the summit. Bond encounters Sun, in his disguise, and the two fight. Bond wounds Sun by stabbing him, but Sun punches him out and takes his gun.

Meanwhile, Adriadne finds M and snaps him out of his hypnosis, preventing the disaster. There is confusion when a guard spots the bomb and tries to shoot M, but Adriadna comes to his rescue and explains what has happened. The enraged Sun, who has witnessed the whole ordeal, limps into view with the gun and tries to shoot her. Von Richter, who is also watching, panics and steps forward, trying to prevent Sun from blowing his cover, only to be shot dead. Before Sun can kill anyone else, Bond reappears and throws the knife into his back, killing him. With the conference saved, Bond is thanked by the gathered world leaders for his actions, and is last seen recuperating with Adriadne.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond

Bill Nighy - M

Elli Avram - Adriadne Alexandrou

Byung-hun Lee - Sun Liang-tan

Terrence Stamp - Von Richter

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