Final Destination 6.Is A Supernatural-Horror Film Starring Alex Heartman,brittany anne pirtle,Sara Paxton,Kendall Schmidt,Oliver James,Sharni vinson,Alex Russel,Thomas Dekker,Agnes Bruckner,Borislav Ilev,Titus Makin Jr and Tony Todd.


cott james young (alex Heartman) student who goes to the mall soon have a premonition where bera ban going to explode and die after explocion now save the survivors of the explosion will go little by little dying Scott will have an hour to save it on your friends and telling his sister Carrie (Sarah Paxon)


Alex Heartman as Scott James

Brittany anne pirtle as Madison King

Sara Paxton as Carrie James

Kendall Schmidt as Marcus David

Oliver James as Hutch Madens

Sharni Vinson as Marrie Days

Alex Russel as Steven Carson

Thomas Dekker as Tokker Kennedy

Agnes Bruckner as Angie Kennedy

Borislav Iilev  as Mr.Wingston

Titus Makin Jr. as Oliver McClane

  • Scott James
  • Madison King
  • Carrie James
  • Marcus David
  • Hutch Madens
  • Marrie Days
  • Steven Carson
  • Tokker Kennedy
y Todd as William Bludworth

premonition death's

Oliver McClane-the carpentry shop flies a wood with nails get in the body.

Mr.Wingston-is beheaded with a piece of metal and then burned.

Angie Kennedy- falls from height and falls on a burning car.

Tokker Kennedy-death falls into the gears and shred it into pieces.

Steven Carson-premonition when running two cables split it half

Marrie Days-Fire falls

Hutch Madens-Fire falls

Marcus David-was electrocuted while working on electrical explodes when water falls by electricity.

Carrie James-when it explodes in a shopping center goes flying and lands on the flagpole and hand him a huge rock falls.

Madison King-falls on an elevator crushing broken.

Scott James-burns with fire and you drop the roof above

Real Death's

Oliver McClane-it crushes a stone when it bursts the mall.

Mr.Wingston-when it hits a stone trimming nitroglycerin and falls into cervesa when out in the sun explodes in front of the young.

Angie Kennedy-explodes a gas station and an iron will cut half the head Half waist.

Tokker Kennedy-falls on a wrecking ball and crushes.

Steven Carson-When sleeping the big metal fan it starts to pull on when he realizes it's too late but shatters and blood stain his girlfriend Carrie.

Marrie Days-when driving runs over a dog but he does not mind that comes a trailer tramples ripping the head

Hutch Madens-falls in a corn grinder shatters

Marcus David-When a plane crashes into the new shopping center at the elices the ground plane

Carrie James-a wing of the plane flies carrie giving imediato crushing dies

Madison King-crushes the rim of killing her plane.

Scott James-exploits the plane falls on the plane with rubble mall

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