MotorStorm: Return To The Wild is the Sixth MotorStorm game to be released.



Snow Machines

  • Wasabi Yuki
  • Italia Gladiatore
  • Lunar-Tec Cirrus

Super Bikes

  • Wasabi Hayato
  • Wulff DSGR-1
  • Wasabi Twinblade
  • Monarch Trophy Tourer
  • Patriot Pitbull
  • Italia Areto
  • Wakazashi Razor
  • Wasabi Ventura
  • Wulff Expedition
  • Monarch Sparrowhawk
  • Italia Aroma
  • Italia SPA
  • Aztec Seedling



  • Wasabi Phoenix
  • Wasabi Rascal
  • Wasabi Eagle
  • Molotov Stuuka
  • Molotov Elbrus
  • Monarch Deerstalker
  • Wombat Mudslide
  • Wasabi Inuwashi
  • Mirage Belette
  • Molotov Sickle
  • Molotov Elbrus  
  • Lunar-Tec Kutter 
  • Molotov Stuuka 
  • Wulff ICSN-560 


  • Wombat Typhoon
  • Voodoo Rattler
  • Jester BXR
  • Jester Super BXR
  • Wombat Hurricane
  • Jester BXS
  • Jester BXR II Concept
  • Voodoo Sandcutter
  • Wombat Beachmaster
  • Humbler Diablo
  • Jester Butane
  • Jester Archlite
  • Beelzebuggy Carabid
  • Lunar-Tec Rollcage
  • Lunar-Tec R-Cam
  • Humbler Diablo
  • Lunar-Tec Apollo
  • Jester BB-XS
  • Wasabi Minmei

Super minis

  • Mirage 101
  • Wulff GRXii
  • Monarch Tike
  • Italia Strano
  • Mirage Rapide
  • Monarch Vestige-R
  • Wasabi Kimachi
  • Ozutsu Tanto
  • Italia Modificado

Super Cars

Rally Cars

  • Italia Gagliano
  • Ozutsu Ronin
  • Wulff Bolter
  • Italia Cirrus
  • Mirage 401
  • Ozutsu Senpai
  • Wulff Revo
  • Patriot Blackfoot
  • Mirage Rapide
  • Italia Velocita
  • Lunar-Tec Weevil

*NEW* Tuner Cars

Muscle Cars

  • Patriot 85
  • Patriot V8
  • Patriot V8-XR
  • Patriot Surger
  • Patriot Renegade
  • Wombat Darkwood
  • Voodoo Orbiter
  • Falfer Undertaker
  • Falfer Domino
  • Italia Futura
  • Castro Toro
  • Castro Conquistador
  • Castro Capitano

Racing Trucks

  • Springbok Kalahari
  • Springbok Namibia
  • Canis Kalahari
  • Castro Robusto
  • Castro F80
  • Voodoo Ridgetail
  • Voodoo Iguana                    
  • Patriot Wild Trek-X                                                                                          
  • Patriot Rodeo
  • Ozutsu Daimyo
  • Patriot Riot
  • Wulff Jager
  • Italia Vulcan
  • Atlas Teamster

*NEW* Rock Crawlers

  • Jester TK-XL
  • Mojave Slugger
  • Lunar-Tec Asylum
  • Voodoo Anaconda
  • Jester BXL

Mud Pluggers

  • Monarch Bulldog
  • Monarch Claymore
  • Monarch Drover
  • Atlas Pacifier
  • Atlas Jackhammer
  • Atlas Peacemaker
  • Atlas Varjack
  • Patriot Bushwacker
  • Patriot Hood Cruze-R
  • Mcqueen Adventure
  • Mojave Berdino
  • Mojave Globetrotter
  • Atlas Chowhound
  • Mirage Bastille

Big Rigs

  • Nord Viking
  • Nord Jormungand
  • Nord Kodiak
  • Patriot 80
  • Patriot Bulkhead
  • Patriot Thunderchief
  • Patriot Minuteman
  • Molotov Drago
  • Molotov Uradna 66
  • Molotov Shelka
  • Molotov Baikal
  • Molotov Cacausus
  • Molotov Piledriver
  • Castro Varadero
  • Atlas Journeyman
  • Atlas Bobtail
  • Atlas Governer
  • Atlas Arizona
  • Lunar-Tec Invader
  • Monarch Backpacker

Snow Cats

  • Nord Pioneer
  • Patriot Rhino
  • Patriot Compadre

Monster Trucks

  • Voodoo Mastodon
  • Voodoo Thunder Lizard
  • Beelzebuggy Bombadier
  • Patriot Stomper
  • Lunar-Tec Wendigo
  • Lunar-Tec Yeti
  • Lunar-Tec Sasquatch
  • Lunar-Tec Grendel
  • Falfer Imperial
  • Falfer Tombstone
  • Atlas Earthquake
  • Atlas M-SUV
  • Nord Hoser

Specially Unlocked Vehicles


Hydro Zone

"Water, the Hydro Zone's specialty. It may be awe-inspiring, but the currents, riptides, and waterfalls will make wet hair the least of your worries."

  • This zone is largely dependent on the vast amounts of water seen on or near coastlines, rivers, and stuff of that nature. Loose sand beaches, palm trees, and beached ships are also fairly common here.

Earth Zone

Jungles, quicksand, mud, and water; a recipe for disaster and allure. Remember, it might be breathtaking, but it will take more than your breath if you aren't careful. "

  • This zone contains dense jungles, thick mud, quicksand, and the occasional water spring or abandoned building. Tar pits are somewhat common here.

Mountain Zone

Where the air is thin and the the views are breathtaking, the mountains dictate how things work around here. Snow covered summits, steep hills, cliffs, massive jumps and glacial crevasses are a common place here. Here's one piece of advice: Look out below, and Don't look down ."

  • The Mountain Zone takes place throughout Africa's aptly-named Kill-a-man-jaro. This zone is very similar to the Air zone in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift or the entirety of Arctic Edge. Due to the altitude and sheer coldness, your boost gauge rises much more slowly than in typical situations.

Fire Zone

"Mother Nature, they weren't kidding when they said she was a cruel mistress, unleashed hell upon these once thriving lands. Now the landscape is dominated by volcanoes, fire, and lava."

  • This zone contains scorched forests, lava, active volcanoes, wildfires, volcanic fissures and other fire-related things.

Industrial Zone

"A once booming city that has been forgotten because of a long drought that struck long ago. Roof-top races, narrow alleyways, and slick sewers are the name of the game here. The streets that have once been forgotten are now home to a new breed of animal, the MotorStormers."

  • This zone has booming cities, highways, sewers, roof-races, factories, and of course, golf courses. Most of the cities within the Industrial Zone are no longer being used, but are in a good enough condition to not consider them abandoned. If you are racing on the roof of a building during a thunderstorm, there is a small chance that your vehicle will either be struck by lightning or a saint elmo's fire will occur. Tar pits spawn rarely in the road, especially when a "heat wave" is set. Tar slows any vehicle down, drastically.

Savanna Zone

"Shhh, quiet. Observe the MotorStormer in its natural habitat, what an interesting specimen! Oh, it appears to COMING STRAIGHT AT US!... You see it on TV all the time, the vast expanses of grasslands filled to the brim with predators. Well, the apex predators have some new competition, and they're even wilder."

  • This zone has large expanses of Savanna as far as the eye can see. Trees, canyons, tour trails, and lots of tall grass are all seen within the Savanna Zone.

Underground Zone

Carved from lava which coursed through the Earth's veins many moons ago, hidden deep within the bowels of the Earth, the Underground Zone is home to all things that Mother Nature did not want anyone to lay their eyes upon. Stalactites, stalagmites, and massive bottomless pits are common here, so watch where you drive!"

  • This zone is completely underground, meaning that the vast majority of the tracks take place deep within the Earth, in caves, empty lava tubes, and mine shafts. The lack of any sunlight means that headlights are the only means of light down here. Water here take-no-prisoners, almost all water is either too swift or too deep to drive in. All vehicles' headlights are equally effective.

Desert Zone

"Imagine this if you will, the sun baking the ground like an egg in a skillet, the ground being covered with nothing but sand, and no water. The Desert is like your first High School crush, you may like her, but she hates you. That is the Desert Zone, unrelenting, unforgiving, and uncaring."

  • The Desert Zone contains massive, loose sand dunes, a burning sun, and worst of all, dust storms. The Desert is home to abandoned African villages and incredibly rare oases. Due to the high heat, your boost gauge rises much faster than in typical situations. There are also the possibility of mirages, which typically lead the player far off course in a futile attempt to get water.

Relic Zone

"Built by an ancient civilization that once lived here, the ruins seen here today offer many thrills and hidden secrets still unknown to men with any degree of common sense. Renovations began long ago, but have since halted and lie in severe disrepair after an active lava flow was discovered underneath the ruins, giving the MotorStorm crew a chance to... redecorate.

  • The Relic Zone takes place in a throughout an ancient civilization's ruins. The ruins have numerous hazards, such as weak scaffolding, pitch black tunnels, shoddy construction work that could fail if a feather were to touch it, and the ever-so-real potential for the entire thing to collapse. The Relic Zone also has numerous secret passageways that can be busted down as well as a hidden lava flow that travels underneath which can be fallen into because some of the flooring within the ruins can break apart, leaving a gaping pit for any unsuspecting drivers to fall into. Tar pits spawn rarely.

Acidic Zone

"Did you know sulfuric acid isn't the best thing to drive through? Well, if you didn't you probably ought to since you're heading into the Acidic Zone. The combination of lakes filled to the brim with every acid you can possibly imagine and the massive upheavals of poisonous smoke make for a terrifyingly magnificent deathtrap of a landscape. Anyone with even the slightest amount of common sense would stay their distance, but of course common sense is the one thing MotorStormers lack..."

  • The Acidic Zone contains numerous acid lakes, which if touched, will basically destroy your vehicle in a matter of seconds. The acid is not nearly as dangerous as lava; the acid can be driven through but the boost gauge rises very quickly. Acid will completely wreck your vehicle in 10 seconds regardless of class. Thick smoke makes visibilty poor. Solidified acid can be driven on and has the same properties as thick mud. This acid volcano is much like what is described here.

Country Zone

Welcome to the Country Zone, where the Wild West collides with the desert. Here lies your daily dose of heat, shrubbery, rolling hills, and drought. It may look barren, but Mother Nature has collaborated with the devil himself to make sure you don't leave here without a couple nicks and dings. Make you slather on the sunscreen and pack plenty of radiator coolant, you're off the the Country Zone!"

  • The Country Zone takes place in the Chaparral of South Africa. There is no water here and the thick shrubbery is really the only thing there is

The Festival Zone

"Smell that? That gasoline-and-firecracker smell? Yeah, welcome to the Festival Zone. You've got the hodgepodge of everything MotorStorm here, and it makes for quite the race. Don't worry, everyone clears out when the race starts, so ripping a hole through your friend's tent is perfectly fine (with us at least). Just you wait until the day turns night, that's when it starts to get crazy..."

  • The Festival Zone takes place within the actual Festival Campgrounds. There is a little bit of everything here, from massive drop offs to small cave systems. You race through the campgrounds of the Festival, you can drive through tents, bleachers, etc.

The Interstate Zone

"This once abandoned freeway was a popular route to the industrial zone but then was abandoned when the Drought struck the Industrial Zone and The Interstate Zone Zone"

  • This massive freeway system is one place to race, Be sure not to get lost on the exit ramps as it will send you to The Industrial Zone or The Port Zone 

The Port Zone

"The big port that shipped worldwide, was once the biggest port in Africa. It was closed down two years ago because of a massive tsunami that destroyed everything in sight, even beaching some of the largest cargo ships"

  • As the port security are gone, you are free to explore the accessible parts, as 30% of the port was sunken in the water by the tsunami

Quarry Zone

"Welcome to the quarry zone. The only place in the game that is has African civilians in it, There is security here, but they won't bother you because you're in the areas where there is no security. But, there is heavy machinery working in the area "

  • Watch out for mining trucks, they can dump their loads on you or run you over

The Airport Zone

"This Airport is one of the biggest airports in Africa, still used by many international airlines from around the world. Trespassing on the active runways is a federal offense that is punishable by eight years in federal prison. But to the MotorStormers, they think that is just pure garbage. They've made quite a few tracks in the abandoned terminals and some in the active terminals. Hopefully the abandoned terminals do not get re-opened because this place is one hell of an airport to explore

  • Watch out for Airport Police, If they spot you around the active terminals, or on the active runways, they will chase you around the airports, even into the MotorStormers' half of the airport. but don't worry, the MotorStormers will chase the Airport Police into their half of the airport which is the active side
  • If you Ride any kind of motorcycle into the active terminals, airport police will spawn inside and chase you all around the terminals

The War Zone

"The massive city just eight miles away from the industrial zone, and closed down from the free way zone because of the Islamic revolution of 2014 where many soldiers in the US Army division in South Africa fought against many terrorist organizations, When a massive earthquake struck the area; both the terrorist organizations and the US Army retreated"

  • Watch out for falling buildings

The Train Yard Zone

"Welcome to the most dangerous part of the industrial zone, the train yard zone. This train yard is in the biggest active city in the zone, Speeding trains, switching tracks, and rocks being kicked up into your windshield will make a dent on your brand new car the least of your worries"

  • When you are hit by a speeding train, it is an instant wreck


  • Rain any zones excluding the fire zones and underground zone- Cools the boost gauge quicker
  • Snow only in the Mountain Zone- Cools the boost but not as quickly as rain 
  • Hail Industrial Zone, Freeway Zone, Port Zone, War Zone and Mountain Zone- Weakens the vehicles but doesen't wreck your vehicle alone
  • Thunder and Lightning Storm- All zones excluding Underground Zone
  • Clear Skies everywhere excluding underground zone- No effect 
  • Acidic Rain- Acid Zone- Same effect as hail but looks like green tinted rain
  • Monsoon- Water Zone, Industrial Zone, Freeway Zone -Cools the boost gauge faster but slows vehicle down despite the heavy rain
  • Geometric Heat- Underground Zone, and Relic Zone
  • Blizzard- Mountain Zone, Same Effect as the Monsoon 
  • Overcast, All zones exept underground zone no effect though sky is grey 
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