Playable Characters

  • sora [15th "org.11 members"]
  • kairi [17h "org.11 memebers"]
  • riku [16th "org.11 memebers]
  • jimmy (the son of sora,kairi, & riku)


  1. destiny islands
  2. traverse town
  3. twilight town
  4. 8717 brickenridge oval broadview hts ohio 44147 [startting with corey mclean from sivler ridge ohio]
  5. La Cité des Cloches
  6. Prankster's Paradise
  7. louisiana of wishes [disney's princess & the frog]
  8. the world of brightiest lantern [tangle]
  9. the black world [the black cauldron ]
  10. medeavl city/deadiest woodland [sword in a stone]
  11. prideland [lion king 1,2, & 1/2 mash up]
  12. agrabah [ aladdin & the king of thiefs]
  13. land of dragons [mulan 1,& 2 mash up]
  14. royal port [piratie of the caribbean2,3,&4 mash up]
  15. drawf woodland [ snow white]
  16. mushroom kingdom [super mario series]
  17. magical kingdom [final fantsney IV]
  18. city [blot the dog],[101 dalmations],[aristocats], & [goofy movie ]
  19. bigiest world [toy story 1,2,&3],& [bug's life]
  20. forest [pocahontas 1 & 2]
  21. monster ink. [ monster ink.]
  22. deep jungle [tarzan 1,2 & 3]
  23. deep space/japan [stitch the series new japanese tv show]
  24. hyrule [the ledgend of zelda series]
  25. planet zerb [metriod series]
  26. planet of the kongs [ donkey kong series]
  27. yoshi jungle [yoshi series]
  28. dreamland [kirby series]
  29. laylat system [star fox series]
  30. poke'islands [poke'mon series]
  31. gp galaxies [f-0 series]
  32. earth/new pork city [earthbound aka mother series]
  33. medeavl city [fire embmles series]
  34. farting city [wario series]
  35. nintendo city [nintendo series]
  36. halloween town/chrismas town
  37. planet mobius [sonic the hedgehog series]
  38. futurefic valley [megaman series]
  39. odd earth [erika's new purfume by lance the young ]
  40. over land/underland aka evil wonderland [tim buston's alice in wonder land]
  41. hueco mundo [bleech]
  42. dragon ball universe z [dragon ball z]
  43. wolfy place [inuyasha series]
  44. tuff world [one pieice series]
  45. nija tokyo [nartro series]
  46. endsville [billy & mandy]
  47. edtropliles/ed mcnightborhood [ed,edd,&eddy]
  48. animalish humanish world [the adventures of gumball]
  49. carzy medeavl [adventure time cn]
  50. beast's castle/france country side
  51. bikini bottom [sponge bob series]
  52. petcity [t.u.f.f. puppy]
  53. fairy world [fairy ood parnents]
  54. retrovill [jimmy netron ]
  55. cm planet [corey mclean 8717 brickenridge oval broadview hts ohio 44147 series ]
  56. white lion kingdom [kimba the white lion]
  57. herosville [the avngers],[super man],[wordgirl],[x-man],[thor],[batman],[the flash],[sipder man], & [teen titans]
  58. female herosville [wonderwoman], & [hawk woman]
  59. dead blood vilage [ resident evil], & [may devil cry]
  60. hollow bastion
  61. olympus coliseum
  62. end of the world [the homeland of the final boss nam4ed ansem the seeker of darkness]
  63. the world that never was/the coliseum that never was[the home land of org.13 inculeing xion & vistor of sora,kairi, & riku ]
  64. Keyblaze gravyard

final bosses

jimmy's final boss

  1. kairi
  2. riku
  3. sora
  4. xion
  5. roxas
  6. larxene
  7. marluxia
  8. luxord
  9. demyx
  10. axel
  11. saix
  12. zexion
  13. lexaeus
  14. vexen
  15. xaldin
  16. xigbar
  17. xemnas

sora,kairi,& riku's final boss

  • ansem the seeker of darkness

last final boss in keyblaze graveyard

  • Master Xehanort
  • Vanitas (masked)
  • Vanitas (masked) [dream eater (Spirit & nightmare mix up togher)]
  • Vanitas (masked) [unversed]
  • Vanitas (masked) [goodverse aka nogood][ corey mclean crate & commend a goodverses aka nogoods]
  • Vanitas (masked) [nightmare]
  • Vanitas (masked) [killer]
  • Vanitas (masked) [heart eater]
  • Vanitas (masked) [nobody]
  • Vanitas (masked) [heartless]
  • Vanitas (masked) [boneless]
  • Vanitas (masked) [brianless]
  • Vanitas (masked) [potty trandingless ]
  • Vanitas (masked) [badless]
  • Vanitas (masked) [undead aka aliveless]
  • Vanitas (masked) [evilful]
  • Vanitas (masked) [half angel half devil less]
  • Vanitas (masked) [angeless]
  • Vanitas (masked) [deviless]
  • Vanitas (masked) [no mucsel]
  • Vanitas (masked) [skinless]
  • Vanitas (masked) [no thankful]
  • Vanitas (masked) [non-good behaver]
  • Vanitas (unmasked)


キングダムハーツgobetyish心臓 Kingudamu Hātsu 4 [ gobetyish shinzō]
Developer(s) Square Enix & Corey Mclean 8717 brickenridge ovla broadview hts.ohio 44147

[1]/[2], [3] ,chinda

Square Enix

Release date(s)

[4]/[5] winter 2012-2013 [6] Summer 2012

China-spring 2012

Genre Console action Role-playing game [3ds]
Game modes easy,mideum,Hard,pround,doom,Muilti-player

ESRB:Rating Pending

CERO: A ESRB: E10+ PEGI: 12+ USK: 6+


Nintendo 3ds,xbox,snes,nintendo ds,gamecube,gamecube 2,ps2,wii,xbox 360,ps3,ps move it,wii u, & wii 2


sora & riku married kairi until kairi haveing a baby named jimmy.sora,karir,& riku visit the world that never was,then org.13 meet sora,kairi,& riku,so they [sora,kairi,& riku] jion the org.11.

so jimmy do all by himself doing to by growing up,then jimmy find a keyblaze on a sand.



The game is divided into 4 separate scenarios, with each scenario surrounding an individual of the 4 main characters: sora,jimy,kairi,& riku. The gameplay of each scenario differs based on the personalities and abilities of each character such as power, speed,spying and magic.

Players are able to choose which of the 4 scenarios to begin with and are able to switch to another scenario, midway through playing a scenario. Each character's story will take about 900 hours, hence the total amount of gameplay hours would be 900 hours (excluding deck-editing, retries, and countless other activities), making Kingdom Hearts the gobetyish heart the longest game in the series to date.

Multiplayer ModeEdit

Like its predecessor, Kingdom Hearts brith by sleep, Kingdom Hearts gobeyish heart contains a multiplayer mode known as story mode. While only a differently colored armored form of Sora,kairi,riku,& jimmy are playable, new abilities are usable only through this mode, and players can obtain bonuses for use in Story Mode. Up to three players can battle Unversed with customized names. They will also be ranked, this rank demonstrated by colored symbols that look like those Jimmy,sora,kairi,& riku wear. A new world known as the story mode is also only accessed via the Joint Struggle. You can also play on the Command Board in multiplayer mode with a specific story mode game board.
Main article: Dimension Link

Past Kingdom Hearts games have allowed the player to summon unique Disney or Final Fantasy characters to their sides, each with their own abilities and usually not encountered anywhere else in-game. Kingdom Hearts gobeyish views this ability in a new light; summons are replaced with Dimension Links, shortened to D-Links, which grants the wielder the powers of a unique character for a short time. Wireless D-Links are also possible, allowing a player to connect with a friend's PSP to summon their character to the friend's side. D-Links have their own menu, and are each granted a special ability, summoned by selecting the command from the battle menu

Command BoardEdit

Main article: Command Board

Besides leveling up the normal way in the other games in the Kingdom Hearts series, players can also play on the Command Board, where they can land on special squares in a system similar to a game of Monopoly in order to gain special prizes, certain boxes summoning nintendo,megaman,& sonic characters or having other effects


The game sold fairly well in China, as almost 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0000,000 copies were sold within two days of its release. As of March 12, 2012 the game has sold a total of 800,551,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 copies of the game solely in Japan.[citation needed]

The game has received the Gold Prize by Sony Computer Entertainment china for shipping more than 500,000,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 units in Japan.[6]

It was nominated for the "Best of E3 Award" by IGN, and received a very positive response.[citation needed]

UK magazine GamesMaster rated Kingdom Hearts gobeyish heart 3rd "Best on PS move it" game revealed at E3 behind The 3rd Birthday (also by Square-Enix) and God of War: Ghost of Sparta in the September 2012 "E3 in 3D" edition (released July 2012).

It's been given a 8.5 Review rating by IGN.

Gametrailers also gave praise to the game, giving it a 9.2 in story, 9.3 in Design, 8.4 in gameplay, and 8.6 in presentation, with an overall rating of 8.8 out of 10.[7]

Kingdom Hearts gobeyish heart Final MixEdit

Card System[7]

Kingdom Hearts gobeyish heart Final Mix was announced in an issue of Famitsu Magazine.[9] Players who purchase the first shipments of the game will receive an access code with it that, when inputted into the PSP game Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, unlocks Cloud's Kingdom Hearts 2 attire as an alternate outfit.[10]

====Card TypesEdit====
  • Attack Cards - The most common way to attack, as the name suggests. These are depicted by different types of Keyblades and have red borders.
  • Magic Cards - Unleashes magic spells, such as Fire, Ice, Thunder, Cure, and Gravity. These have blue borders.
  • Item Cards - Used to restore Attack cards or Magic cards with Potions or Ethers, respectively. These can only be used once per battle, and have green borders.

Like the previous game, Sora,kairi,riku,& jimmy can summon certain Disney characters to aid him in battle when attaining each of their respective items. As summons use the Drive Gauge instead of the MP bar, Sora cannot Drive and summon at the same time. The character will replace the two computer-controlled characters and fight alongside Sora,kairi,riku,& jimmy for as long as the Drive Gauge allows. Instead of the summoned character being limited to only one action, the summoned character now has a menu of his own to perform multiple actions, some solo actions and some cooperative actions with Sora,kairi,riku,& jimmy. There are four summons total in Kingdom Hearts Gobeyish heart,Oogtar from smw cartoon , Genie,Lilo, and Alex kidd with additional help from Tinker Bell.

World party members and assistanceEdit

World-specific party members appear in almost every world in the game; there are nine in total, offering a huge leap from the original game's six. Notable among them are Auron, the first Final Fantasy character to be a party member, and Jimmy's best dads & mom sora,kairi,& riku. Also notable are assistance characters, who are not part of the party, but can fight alongside of it; they usually appear during key battles and plot moments.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Gobeyish heartsEdit

Kingdom Hearts Re: gobeyish hearts is a PlayStation 2 remake released in a package along with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The game features 3-D graphics and voice-acting, along with all-new cards and cutscenes. It was released in Chinda & north america

Data WorldsEdit

As jimmy progresses through the worlds in the Datascape, he will seek out System Sectors, areas in each of the worlds' core programming, which contain bugs and corrupted data that cause glitches in the worlds. In these closed-off spaces, you are tasked with navigating through a set number of floors, eliminating "bugged" Heartless targets in each.

Destroying Bug Blox and defeating Heartless will award you with Sector Points (SP). However, being struck by enemy attacks will cost a bit of your accumulated SP. By completing each floor and moving on to the terminal, you can cash in your accrued SP for exclusive Accessories and Commands. Any SP remaining when you leave can be converted to either Experience or Munny.

Each World also contains special events that feature gameplay styles that differ from the main game, like Traverse Town's side-scrolling platformer stages, 8717 brickenridge oval broadview hts ohio 44147's heaven & hell mix up toghter cyber obstacle course, or the Olympus Coliseum's turn-based party combat, which is actually very similar to Final Fantasy's combat system. Each of these events ends with a grading system based on the player's performance therein, which begets special bonus items for achieving outstanding grades.

A new enemyEdit

As Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is a prequel to Kingdom Hearts, the Heartless have yet to invade,Unversed have yet to invade,Dream eaters have yet to invade, and the Nobodies are yet to be created, so a new enemy known as the goodverse aka nogood,nightmare,killers,heart eaters,boneless,brianless,potty trandingless,badless,undead aka aliveless,evilful,half angel half devil less,angeless,deviless,no mucsel,skinless,no thankful, & non-good behaver fills this gap. Ranging from very small flood shadows to large monstrosities like the huge huge huge Metamorphosis monster , they attack sora,kairi,riku, & jimmy along their journeys to countless worlds. It's revealed that they are extensions of Vanitas. Being born of the most pure, raw form of darkness, Vanitas is able to manipulate the negative thoughts and emotions of a being and embody it into an goodverse aka nogood,nightmare,killers,heart eaters,boneless,brianless,potty trandingless,badless,undead aka aliveless,evilful,half angel half devil less,angeless,deviless,no mucsel,skinless,no thankful, & non-good behaver .


Unlisted Names
Tony Anselmo
Jeff Bennett
Susanne Blakeslee
Zoe Caldwell
Bobby Costanzo
Mason Vale Cotton
Barbara Dirickson
Jim Cummings
Bill Farmer
Carolyn Gardner
Jennifer Hale
Bob Joles
Tress MacNeille
Matt Nolan
Jon Olson
Rob Paulsen
Andre Sogliuzzo
Stephen Stanton
David Ogden Stiers
Russi Taylor
James Arnold Taylor
Gina Tuttle
Frank Welker
Wally Wingert

Alan Young

Limit BreakEdit

Limit Breaks are a new addition to the series. When the player's HP drops into a low yellow section of their HP bar, a Limit Break can be initiated by holding down the [8] button for a few seconds. Depending on which character the player is controlling, a powerful, element based attack will be performed (e.g. jimmy goes into a frenzy, shooting around in an aura of light while hurling light crosses on every finishing attack, or Riku rocking out on his sitar, sending pillars of water out of the ground).

A second stage of Limit Break called "Final Limit" can also be used, which increases their attacking power (e.g. jimmy sends pillars of Light out, and riku's water blasts are accompanied by a watery explosion). Unlike Limits from Kingdom hearts gobeyish heart, players can take damage when attacked while performing their Limit Break, although it's much less.

theme Music

Begin theme aka opening theme : alice in wonderland opening & ending (old wlat disney verson)

Ending theme:simple & clean rock verson without singing

unlockable mode

last story mode aka super final keyblaze graveyard bosses:clear jimmy,sora,kairi, & riku's story mode

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