Seikatsu Symbol
Cody Longinus
Katana COdy
Cody used Formation Magic to form a Katana weapon
Full Name Cody "Saint" Longinus
Current Age 18
Date of Birth March 5th, 2004
Gender Male
Species / Type Human
Living Town Nelson Bay
Class Wizard/Magi

Robotic Expert
Technological Expert
Computer Science Expert
High-School Student
Main Weapon(s) None
Main Element(s) Unknown
Current Status(es) Deceased
Main Ability/ies Formation Magic
Projection Magic (Game Only)
Reinforcement (Game Only)
Affiliation(s) House of Longinus
Alias(es) Longinus
St Longinus (Nickname)
Relative(s) and/or Relation(s) Saint Longinus (Ancestor)
Auriel Longinus (Ancestor)
Aelos Longonus (Ancestor)
"I will protect you all!"
—Cody just before a battle with a Demon

Cody "Saint" Longinus was a magi and student of class 1-A at Tomaree High School and also the descendant of St Longinus before vanishing with the other students, and the Wizard Saint Samuel.


Cody is shown to be arrogant on his magical abilities, and skill. But he is shown to be very caring for those, and place their lives first then his. Cody almost died when protecting one of the female students from being killed, and revealed the Formation Magic in front of her to protect her.



Cody comes from a ancient bloodline of the Centurion or Saint Longinus himself. But no one knows when the bloodline attain the magical abilities.

Early Life

Tomaree High School


  • Formation Magic - Cody is famously know in the magic world has the user of Formation Magic, be able to use anything of everything to form a weapon, including that of dirt, and sand.
  • Intelligent - Cody is shown to be that of a genius alongside Shiro who was able to make AI's while at Tomaree High School.
  • Alchmey - Cody is shown to be a extremely good Alchemist, being able to do transmutation circles, and also brew high-level potions, including Cellular Regeneration potion.
  • Enchanter - Cody is a very powerful enchanter, being able to add enchantments to the weapons formed by Formation Magic. The only elements Cody can enchant on weapons are fire, ice, lightning and absorption.
  • Master Swordsmen - Cody is a master swordmen, being able to use the blade like a Knight, and attack with high agility, and power
  • Master Lancer/Spearmen - Cody is seen to be a true master with a lance or a spear, being t thrust at a enemy such swiftness, and agilty, its difficult to even counter fast enough.


Non-Canon Appearances

  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


  • Cody is inspired from no one.
  • Cody was one of the many candidates of becoming a Wizard Saint.
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