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The Camelot Government (キャメロット政府, Kyamerotto seifu) is the political ruling system of the Alpha Legion. Despite the highest ranking officers (MCPO, GG, MD, ME)) being the ruling personal, the Camelot Government actually calls the political shots.


The Camelot Government was made just after the founding of the Alpha Legion by one of the first members for political parties, and meetings. Arthur Pendragon reckoning that's a good idea, set it up, with him being the leader. The members also said they will get back Camelot, and also reorganise Albion.



  • The government was not officially established until the 16th century when the Alpha Legion finally got Camelot back, and was able to bring unity to Albion, with all agreeing to become a one kingdom.
  • Named after the kingdom, Camelot.


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